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February Farmers Market


I went to the Santa Barbara Farmers Market this morning and thought I would take a few photos to document my trip. My husband took the photo of me above buying some radishes at the Fairview Gardens stand.

Strolling the Aisles

The Saturday market is the biggest of the weekly markets. It is held in a city parking lot and has 4 of these main aisles, plus the side aisles. It's easy to shop because you can circle back around quickly, unlike the Tuesday market on State Street which is one big line of stalls. There are more photos in the extended entry.

There are Always Musicians

A Closer View of the Vegetables from the Fairview Gardens Stand

Flowers and Avocados

The Parsnips and the Cauliflower are Wonderful this Time of Season

And, Of Course, Tulips


If you want to go... the Saturday farmers market is held from 8:30 to 12:30, year round, rain or shine. It is located on the corner of Santa Barbara St and Cota St.

Comments (7)

Beautiful photos! How great that you have access to such a good farmers' market.

What a fun trip to the farmers market. That is my favorite thing to do on a sunday morning.
I have so enjoyed your daily posts this month!
Bugalu =D

I love your pictures of the Farmer's Market.

I have been to Santa Barbara a couple of times many years ago but have never been to the Farmer's Market. Looks like I definitelly missed out!

Love this! Your market is amazing. Ours is on "winter schedule" (every other Saturday) and there's not a lot available right now. But it will go back to weekly in March - I can't wait.


Wow - wish we had a market like that! Almost worth giving up easy access to Europe ... almost.

I wish I could even see produce like that here in Paris

You know, I feel very fortunate to have a market like this and anyone who comes out to visit really should put this on list.

Like other markets, it really changes with the seasons and when I went one rainy day in late December, it was pretty desolate. But now it has started to pick up with the early spring vegetables.

Kim, with the money you save on flights to Europe you can come out to Santa Barbara once in a while and I will show you around the Farmers Market!

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