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In a Garden


I have an old photo of my mom, my aunt and my uncle in a garden. I love these types of old photos — the grainy black and white image, the deckled edges. I'm not exactly sure when or where it was taken. It looks to me like perhaps my grandfather was testing out a new camera in the backyard and said "why don't you three stand over there so I can take a picture of you." They have that kind of posed but spontaneous look about them. And where else but home would the girls wear those short shorts? Today I'm thinking about the girl in the middle, my aunt. Happy Birthday Kristine, hope you've had a wonderful day.

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Sharon Boucher:

Hi Krista, Your uncle sure was a good looking kid... just like his son! I wish I could come and take your cooking class. Have fun with it. Love Aunt Sharon

khb (In and Out of the Garden):

Yes, he was! And you can see that he was going to be tall - at that age he was already as tall as Kristine.

Kristine Dumoulin (The aunt):

Thanks Krista for the Happy Birthday. I did have a wonderful day. Dan made me a wonderful dinner, invited 2 friends, set a beautiful table and surprised me with a set of three large vases. The picture above was taken in our back yard at the house on 4th Avenue in Escondido. I was in 6th grade so I am guessing I was around 11 or 12. Karen would have been 13 or 14 and Kenny would be 9 or 10. Old pictures are great! Thanks!

Aunt Kristine

Robin Ensign:

Hi Krista looking for any new goodies, am thinking pina colada sherbet looks like a good idea for this long lazy weekend. Love this picture I think I have a mate to it somewhere. Am wondering if you still have that old website with the family pics posted? Also send me your home email so we can chat.

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