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I've Always Loved Chocolate Cakes


I was going through some old photos tonight, and I believe I now have evidence that I've always loved chocolate cakes — or at least as far back as age four. I was really looking for a photo of the house I grew up in. This photo was taken when we lived in a house on Archer Street from the time I was about three and half until I was seven. Turning four was the first birthday I remember. Really, it's one of my first vivid memories in general. I remember the chocolate cake, and I remember that I had a doll that had a matching dress to the dress that I wore.

It was one of those simple family parties at home with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins that I don't think any one ever does anymore. It's a little hard to tell without their heads, but behind me is, I believe, my aunt in the blue and white and my grandmother in the orange. To the side of me is my cousin Randy, who I am certain is anxiously awaiting the moment when the candles are blown out because he wants to lick the frosting off the bottom of at least one of the candles. I am sure that I would have claimed at least one of those candles, too. Because, you see, I've always loved chocolate cakes.

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Oh my - me too!

Thanks for what you said about the Knights of Old kit picture I used. It is the first time I made a picture using the elements of a kit, and then used a plopper as well.

I am enjoying the digital scrapbooking SO much!

SOOOOO cute. Who made that cake?

Angie, that's a good question. I know my mom didn't make it because she was so not into cooking - back then or now. My guess would be the bakery down the street that we used to go to. Devane's or something like that I think... But hopefully she'll read this and write in to tell us!


Krista is right - the cake was made at Devaney's the neighborhood bakery in Pacific Beach. She had zero cooking instructions from me - she learned at a very early age to fend for herself. And - that's why she is so into cooking! My strategy worked!

Krista's noncooking Mom

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