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Just Five Romantic Things

As Valentine's day draws to a close, I have thought up just five of the things that I find romantic.

1. A Romantic Dinner
Every Valentine's day my husband and I go out to dinner for Thai food. It must be Thai food. And it's always someplace where you can get some nice hot spicy coconut soup. I love the sweet and tangy flavors of Thai food and, even though we eat it at other times throughout the year, I really look forward to it on Valentine's Day.

2. Flowers are Romantic
wisteria.jpgBut not really on Valentine's day. I love flowers, but it seems to me that the time to give flowers is on any day but Valentine's day. It's a little too commercial, all those stands that spring up out of nowhere just for Valentine's Day. Well, that's my opinion. In any case, roses are very romantic and they smell heavenly, but I think the most romantic flower is Wisteria. I love the way the long clustered flowers can drape over arbors.

3. A Romantic Song
My husband and I have a number of songs that are "our" songs, but I think my favorite is Sting's "Fields of Gold." We chose to play it at our wedding and perhaps because of that, it brings back wonderful memories every time I hear it.

4. A Romantic Movie
LoveMeTonight.jpgThere are all sorts of romantic movies, but the one that deserves a mention is Robert Mamoulian's Love Me Tonight from way back in 1932. It is the classic story of the poor, but plucky, tailor who is posing as a rich nobleman. When the princess, who falls in love with him, finds out who he is, there is a moment of despair. But at the end they are reunited and all is well. The movie features the song "Isn't It Romantic?", by Rodgers and Hart. So, yes it is.

5. The Most Romantic Place on Earth
Could anyplace be more romantic than Italy? I'm thinking especially of Venice and Verona and some of the beautiful seaside towns like Positano or Camogli or the Cinque Terre. Ah, but then there's Paris. I love Paris. And I'm quite happy to keep traveling and visiting the majority of the known world that I haven't been to yet to see if there are some other equally romantic places.

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Oh my stars - that is so romantic! And yes, wisteria dripping down over Italian garden walls...

I love the smell of wisteria.

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