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Back in the Garden

I seem to have taken a little break from blogging while I was busy with a conference, but now I am back. Today I took my camera into the garden and documented what is blooming in March. It is not technically spring yet, but with our above average rainfall this year and the current sunny weather, it sure looks like spring. Here's what I found in the garden:


A double bi-colored daffodil


The wisteria in bloom is one of my favorite times in the garden


The blooms of the plum tree mean that there will be plums by mid-July

More photos in the extended entry...


This ground morning glory (Convulvulus sabatius) looks great spilling over the walls


These are the pansies known as Johnny-Jump-Ups, which I have in pots set at the edge of a garden bed


The close up of this salvia looks so exotic, like a strange bird or insect—the hummingbirds love these flowers


I love the crepe paper texture on the petals of these rock roses (Cistus purpureus)


These aren't blooms, but the bright orange tangerines filling the tree look so colorful I had to take a picture of them and they are just now all becoming ripe


The first bloom on my Cecile Brunner rose


And finally, even the weeds look pretty at this time of year

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Gorgeous! Looks like spring to me!

Welcome back! I love the flower photos!! So many beautiful colors.

Beautiful pictures. And your salvias are blooming. Our are still asleep and have yet to emerge. Do you know what is the name of the salvia?


Wow, those are gorgeous! How lucky you are!! (My lawn is still white...sigh.)

khb (In and Out of the Garden):

Marta, it's a Salvia sagittata. I like it because it's evergreen and blooms year round. But it tends to sprawl and does need to be cut back regularly or it gets a bit out of control. And like some other salvias, the stems are slightly sticky.

Thanks! That was my husband's first guess.

Marta, then your husband must be a salvia expert - there are so many varieties of salvia! I only have a handful in my garden but I'm always on the lookout for more.

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