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A Couple New Cymbidiums


The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show was held a week or so ago. I was too busy preparing for a conference at work, so I didn't go. But I did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to my favorite orchid grower in Carpinteria—Gallup & Stribling. They hold an open house/sale the same weekend as the Orchid Show. It's a great opportunity to get some really beautiful orchids at fantastic prices. The photo above is one of the cymbidiums that I got at the sale. The petals are so delicately colored with pale green and pink tones. When the light hits it from behind it really has a translucent glow.

Right now I have it in the house enjoying the flowering period. Once it's done, I'll put it outside. Despite their delicate tropical appearance, cymbidiums do well outdoors here in Santa Barbara. They need cool nights and are tolerant down to freezing. They like a somewhat shady location with a little dappled sunlight. Like other orchids, they like moisture, but they cannot stand poor drainage or over watering.


I put this yellow cymbidium in a pot on my front porch where it lights up a shady spot. After it's done blooming, I'll move it into a spot that gets a little more light. And I'm going to try to remember to give them a little orchid food once in a while, It does seem to help them re-bloom.

I know some people have a knack for getting orchids to bloom, but the only luck I've had is with outdoor orchids. I have not had one Phalaenopsis I have ever bought re-bloom. I have resigned myself to considering them cut flowers. They last a long time, so I have to be happy with that. As for my two new cymbidiums, I plan on getting them to re-bloom next year, so stay tuned.

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Just when i was ready to toss a Paphlopedilum in the trash, she sent out a new shoot. It's just a leaf, but maybe it's a start.

My Dendrobium has been blooming for several years and it is glorious right now, with green blossoms and purple centers.

I also have a Phalaenopsis which is reblooming for the third year.

When the blossoms are done, I clip the shoot low and often it will send out another round of blossoms.

Also, I was told to water and fertilize "once lightly, lightly," meaning once a week, in the morning with a diluted strength of orchid fertilizer.

Here in Florida, many people will tie a tired orchid to a palm tree with netting and a nest of sphagnum moss. They will attach themselves with roots...and you would not believe the blossoms.

When I tried this last spring, all of my orchids disappeared. I won't be trying that again!


Can you believe that I grow orchids in northern Alberta? They love my east-facing double-wide kitchen window, over the kitchen sink. Maybe it's the humidity from the water in the sink and from the steam from the dishwasher...no idea, I just know they they are very happy little campers sitting there!
Gorgeous blooms!
Ciao ciao,

Pat, you must definitely have a knack for orchids - and living in Florida surely helps. I also have a couple Cattleya orchids nestled in a tree, they seem to like it.

And, Brenda, I am so impressed that you have such luck with them in your kitchen. I've managed to kill a couple that I had in my kitchen window. :-(

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