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View of the Garden


Here's a view of the garden from the upstairs deck. Though perhaps hard to see any of the individual plants, it does give an idea of the structure and hardscape in the garden. We chose to use a lot of the local sandstone for the retaining walls and a tumbled flagstone for the paths and patios. It warms up the garden—literally. On sunny days the rock soaks up the heat and radiates the warmth back out after the sun goes down. But since we're in a canyon, this is a helpful feature. The extra warmth and the fact that we are facing south and east keeps the garden from being too shady and cool. And, I find, on a warm pre-spring day, it's difficult not to want to just sit out in the garden all day.

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Oh, is that just so lovely. I've been having some serious Spring Envy looking back through your photos. What a lot of work and love you've put into your garden!

Your garden is looking lovely!

Oh, Krista, that is SO lovely! I calms me just to look at it. I think I will have to add it to my calming scenes to visualize when I'm "over the top".

Makes me want to stop EVERYTHING, and go open a bottle of wine and sit, and sniff, and breathe, and relax, and do nothing.

What a beautiful spot! That is ideal for enjoying a glass of sweet tea. I'd join you.

Well, I wish you were all here right now to go sit in the garden with me and sip wine or sweet tea!

Wow, that is beautiful! Does it look that green year round? My yard is pretty brown now except for the daffodils and a few others things starting to bud.


Wow, Krista that is YOUR garden?? Seriously? It is gorgeous!! I love the feel of sun-baked rocks - it's a very unique kind of warmth, isn't it?

Well, yes, it is my garden, but my garden wasn't always this green or this covered with rock. For many years we had one of those dry canyon slope gardens that only looked good in the spring after a good year of rain. Once we terraced it with low rock walls and added drip irrigation, I could plant it the way I wanted. I have enough evergreen shrubs that it stays fairly green throughout the year, but in the late fall it does look a bit shabby.


Me again...I can't tell you how much I am enjoying imagine-sitting in your garden - such a lovely way to escape the nasty snow still covering my land! Thanks for posting this gorgeous photo.

Robin Ensign:

Hi Krista, your flowers are absolutetly gorgeous!! Talked with my mom tonight she gave me your blog address, and told me about you teaching cooking classes. e-mail me back would like to talk to you, has been so long. also see a video about fettucini alfredo cookoff at the eagles (this time I just ate) at www.youtube.com/grandmakassey/

Love your cousin Robin

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