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Happy April Fool's Day

It's April Fool's Day over at Slow Travel, and they have announced some exciting new ventures: Slow Travel Tours. In 2005 they brought you Slow Tours (my personal favorites were the Hidden Florence and the Uffizi Tour.)

In 2007 Slow Travel Planning Services were announced, with the brilliant addition of a special Slow Pets tour.

And this year, what everyone's been waiting for: SlowAir, because, really, who hasn't been looking for an airline that would slow things down?

But who could forget 2006, when Slow Villas was launched? I'm still on the waiting list for the Apartment in Florence. And here's my review for the Apartment in Rome:

Vacation Rental Review

Apartment in Rome
Agency: Slow Travel Villas, etc.

April 1, 2006, 1 week

Outside the city center, but quite convenient if you don’t mind mastering the public transportation system, approximately 2 hour and 43 minute walk to Pantheon or approximately 2 hour and 36 minutes by bus, metro and tram. Not a good idea to try to take a taxi to the apartment as most taxi drivers refused to drive into that neighborhood for some reason.

Nearby Amenities
Fabulous pasticceria, only a 45 minute walk away. Convenient hardware store about 2 blocks away, but most things we needed there were so large that we opted to have them delivered anyway (new front door, a shower unit, etc.)

The House/Apartment
The apartment is on the 6th floor (7th, American), with no lift. The 5-6 foot ceilings could be a problem for taller people, but we didn’t mind and got used to waking hunched over a little.

We were told by Paolo that there would be a roof top garden terrace, but this turned out to be not the case. Perhaps there was a garden at one time, but the neighbor appeared to be expanding his apartment onto the roof. The noise was not an issue at all, as we were making a bit of noise ourselves.

Furnishings/Cleanliness/Living Areas
The furniture was an eclectic mix of antique and just plain old. The apartment was as clean as could be expected, given a little construction debris.

It had the largest bathroom we have ever seen in Europe, but unfortunately it was not quite finished and we needed to work on it a little before we could use it. After the walls went in, it really wasn’t quite as large as it had first appeared. In the bedroom, the straw filled mattress was quite comfortable the first few nights, but did not hold up well and we ended up buying a futon and using that for the rest of our stay.

The kitchen was in a small cupboard that opened off the hall a couple floors down. Interesting antique appliances that I had never seen before. We ate out for all meals.

Problems or Bonuses
The only problems we had were related to the construction. We thought most of the projects would be simple and take a few minutes, but most extended to fill the entire week, isn't that always the case? The bonus was that we had quite a sense of accomplishment by the time we left.

Do you recommend this vacation rental to others?
Of course, but with a couple of caveats.... not for the faint of heart (literally, that climb will really do a number on you!). Also, would really be best for someone who is a licensed contractor. But we loved it and would stay there every time we come to Rome!

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What a riot! Very funny. I wrote that piece about the Rome apartment, and the photo is of my kitchen renovation.

Amy, I loved your piece on the Rome apartment - thanks for that contribution to the April Fools lineup. That was your kitchen, huh??? :-)


catching up - very funny!

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