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Announcing: Sunday Slow Bakers

I came up with an idea that it would be fun to bake and blog each week. And a group of us on Slow Travel are going to do just that. Tomorrow will be the first entry in our baking challenge. There are about 8 of us with blogs and another 4 who don't have blogs but who will still be participating. I've listed the blogs in the sidebar below, so you can easily visit them.

Here's how it works: we pick a cookbook and each week a person on our list picks a recipe from that book. We all bake it sometime during the week and post the results on our blog on Sunday. Once we've worked (baked!) our way through the list of 12 people, we will pick a different book and start again.

DolceItalianoCoverSmall.gifThe book we're starting with is Dolce Italiano by Gina DePalma and the recipe we're starting with is my pick of Italian Crumbly Cake (sbrisolona) on page 82. The reason I chose this recipe is that it sounded different and comfortable all at the same time. She describes it as having a denser texture than most cakes and a real explosion of flavor—almonds and cinnamon. She says that it is one of those cakes that improves the next day. It would be the perfect thing to nibble on the next morning. So, it's essentially a coffee cake, a fancy delicious sounding one. The other thing that I like about this recipe is that it will force me to use a couple of ingredients that I've never used before: almond flour and "00" flour. Almond flour is simply blanched almonds that have been ground super-fine. Although it is finer than almond meal, in a pinch I suppose you could substitute commercially ground almond meal. "00" flour is found in Italy and is the finest and whitest type of ground flour but with the protein content similar to all-purpose flour.

So, I look forward to this baking challenge and dragging you along for the ride as we bake our way through book after book!

p.s Special thanks go to Jerry for coming up with name Sunday Slow Bakers!

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I'm munching on my cake right now! Thanks for putting this together, Krista!

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