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Sunday Slow Bakers: Sweet Apple Omelet


This week we didn't have to feel guilty about eating our weekly treat for breakfast. It really was a breakfast dish. But perhaps not one that we were used to eating. When I first told my husband we would be having a sweet apple omelet for breakfast, he didn't seem thrilled. The words "sweet" and "omelet" don't really go together for him, and he's always preferred savory things for breakfast.

Well, this was a good change of pace. Thank you Maria of the blog My Place in the Sun for picking something that I never would have tried for our Sunday Slow Bakers. And once again, Gina has provided us with a winning recipe.


Apples are not yet in season, but I decided to pick up a couple from the grocery store and keep to the original recipe. I probably could have just as well used peaches or another fruit in season, because this does seem like a pretty flexible recipe. I would also love to try it again with some really fresh, tart apples when they hit the farmers market this fall. After I cut up my apples, I added a squeeze of lemon juice to them—partly to keep them from turning brown while I got everything else ready and partly to give them a little more of tart flavor.


I sauteed the apples and then cleaned the pan and used it again for the omelet to keep the number of dirty pans to a minimum. I think you could also heat the butter and honey in the same pan right after you saute the apples. I didn't think of that until after I had dirtied a small pan. But next time this will be a one pan dish.

After I sauteed the apples, I used a little framboise instead of grappa, because that is what I had on hand. I also sprinkled the apples with a tiny pinch of kosher salt, just to offset the sweetness slightly. I'm not sure it made much difference, but I would try a little more next time.

The omelet came together quickly and easily for me, which was nice because I'm more of a frittata girl. I always worry that I'm going to overcook an omelet. But this one turned out perfectly.


The eggs were light, the apples delicious and the combination of sweet and eggy is a real winning one. The whole house smelled like apple pie, too. My husband ate it right up, and I decided that I have a new favorite breakfast dish.

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I'm with you - this is a recipe that I would never had tried on my own. I was quite impressed with how good it was. I guess it shows you that it is a good thing to try the unusual every now and then.

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