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Sunday Slow Scoopers: Peach Ice Cream


Just before peach season comes to an end, Marcia of Happy Trails For Us: My Reluctant Blog wisely chose this Peach Ice Cream for our Sunday Slow Scoopers.

I have just finished making and eating this ice cream. Yes, I followed David's advice to eat it right after it's finished churning and his advice to add some sliced peaches to the top. And, yes, those are two very good pieces of advice. I will add one more piece of advice, you must make this ice cream.

But if you're too late for peach season this year, wait until next year. This recipe is deserving of really good peaches. I went to the farmers market yesterday and bought some yellow peaches that were large and dead ripe. As I was picking out peaches the woman next to me was saying that she was buying peaches for ice cream. I thought for a split second that I had stumbled upon a secret Sunday Slow Scooper, but no, not quite. She had just purchased an ice cream maker and was suddenly into making all sorts of non-dairy ice cream. I told her about The Perfect Scoop and the fact that it has lots of sorbet and dairyless ice creams.

This ice cream, though, is not one of them. It calls for a cup of heavy cream and a half a cup of sour cream. I like the fact that the thickness of the sour cream means that it doesn't call for a custard base. Last week my custard was a bit of a challenge, so I was happy to get a simple Philadelphia style recipe this week.

As David explains in his book, there are two basic types of ice cream. The French-style has a cooked custard base, and the Philadelphia-style is made with milk, cream or a combination of the two. The French-style with the custard base supposedly makes an ice cream that is smoother, silkier and richer tasting. But though I tend to love all things French, I think the Philadelphia-style ice creams are every bit as smooth and creamy, depending on the recipe.

This particular Philadelphia-style ice cream is decadently rich and creamy with a vivid peach flavor and a beautiful blush peach color. And just as soon as you get your hands on some really good peaches, you must make this ice cream.

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I am late in checking out your scoop of the week. WOWZA! That peach ice cream looks soooo deelish! Too bad it is nearly impossible to get good fresh peaches here in Hawaii. Interesting info about the difference between French-style and Philadelphia-style ice cream. I wonder how they differ from gelato?

I never knew there was such a thing as "Philadelphia-style" ice cream until Kim mentioned it. I guess I need to read more than just The Perfect Scoop's recipes!

Girasoli, If you can get good nectarines, then you can substitute them for the peaches - should be just as delicious and you don't have to peel them, which is nice.

One thing I will add is that this ice cream really is best served right after it's made. The following day it was a bit too firm.

As for where gelato fits in... good question, I think I'll have to make more ice cream and gelato to find out...

Colleen, I researched the whole Philadelphia-style thing a while back when I was doing ice cream in a cooking class. But I have to say that David's intro to this book is the best, so many great tips.

Krista, do you know how many times I have come back in and re read this post? :)

Yours is the cooking blog I follow, I love your photos and your approach to the whole thing.

I bought a new ice cream maker on Friday and had peach ice cream with raspberries on the side on Saturday night, this morning for breakfast and then again after lunch.

I think I'll maybe do some sort of chocolate one next, or maybe cherry. The fancy ones - I just like to read those and look at the pictures.

What do you think of blueberry? When I was a child, we made mulberry ice cream once.

Or mango?

It will take me some time to get through the first batch, as boys... aren't all that keen on peach ice cream.

Leslie, I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog and all the ice cream making. Blueberry sounds great - you should definitely try it.

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