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Sunday Slow Scoopers: Green Apple and Sparkling Cider Sorbet


After a little lull, I am back to my Sunday Slow Scooping for a quick entry about Shannon's pick of this interesting apple cider sorbet. I was looking forward to trying this because it sounded so unusual. I also thought it could be an interesting thing to make to accompany desserts at Thanksgiving.

The sorbet turned out to be flavorful and refreshing, but you couldn't help thinking of frozen applesauce as you were eating it. I like applesauce, so this wasn't an unpleasant thought. But it wasn't a really impressive thing to serve for dessert like, say, the Cinnamon Ice Cream or the Panforte Ice Cream. This apple sorbet seems to be more of a palate cleanser between courses. It's tasty, but not in a satisfying way.

I tried serving it with some gingerbread and found that it didn't really enhance the gingerbread the way a vanilla ice cream would. It seems to me that this is best served by itself in an elegant etched glass (preferably one handed down to you by your great grandmother) on a silver tray lined with a little square of white linen. It should be eaten between the courses of a formal dinner party with an autumnal theme—perhaps in between a very rich seafood course like Coquilles Saint-Jacques and something hearty like a roast pork with prunes in armagnac. Then, I think, this sorbet would shine.

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What a delightful and fanciful way to explain how this sorbet should be served!
And I quite agree -- as I'm sure Emily Post would as well!

I have gained 3 kilos!

Happy Hallowe'en! :)

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