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National Geographic Magazines


I took this photo of a display of old National Geographic Magazines in a store window in Amsterdam in the fall of 2007. It caught my eye because when I was growing up we had a huge collection of old National Geographics stashed away in the spare room. The ones in this photo were from 1927-1930. I'm sure we had some from those years and older, collected by my father and his father before him. But, as a child, I used to look through the more recent ones from the sixties and later. The photos of all the exotic locations always appealed to me. And to this day I can vividly remember an article about white tigers.

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It is amazing how many people collect National Geographic. Every now and then, we would see collections dropped off in our staff room after someone probably decided to part with their once precious collection!


Cool photo! I recently saw a stack of old NG magazines...can't think where though. Probably in the used bookstore in the bottom floor of my building, they have everything down there (which is not necessarily a good thing for a book-buying addict like me. I have trouble walking past it to get to the food court!)


I have that collection in my library cupboards - think I will leave it for whoever takes the job when I retire years from now. I'm pretty sure that magazine stirred the travel bug in my younger self.

Barb Cabot:

My mom subscribed. Those photos made me think about who the photographers were. What a career!


I have a 40 year collection of NG Magazines in mint condition. Available to a serious collector.

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