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What Do You Buy at the Farmers Market?


I went to the farmers market yesterday and got a pretty wide assortment of food. I got plenty of vegetables: broccoli, kale, a small cabbage, sugar snap peas, a bag of salad mix, a couple beautiful small heads of broccoli romanesco (pictured below) and a head of garlic.


I also got a bagful of tangerines, a pound of butter, a dozen eggs, a jar of marmalime (marmalade made with limes), some bee pollen and a case of wine. It's amazing what you can get at the farmers market these days. Some days I buy grass fed beef, homemade sausage or cornish game hens. Other times I pick up olive oil, walnut oil, fruit juices, nuts or bread.

Of course I love buying my vegetables and fruit from the farmers market, but I find that picking up these other extras really enhances my cooking and supports the farmers and food producers.

What do you buy at your farmers market?

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Oh, I can only wish I had a farmers market like you. Ours won't start for another 3 months, and then it will only have greens, etc. to begin with. Eventually, you can buy quite a few vegetables, and there are breads, jams,etc., but nothing the same as in Ca.


Since I live with a non-vegetable eater, I have to confess I rarely go to the Farmer's Market in the winter - in the summer I do go for the fruits. Sometimes David will meet me there and we will have our dinner from all the stalls that serve the most amazing foods - the roasted corn is the greatest.

Great post! It reminds me of our great visit to the SB farmers market and how nice it was to meet you. Here in DC, I am usually pretty flexible, getting whatever looks good or whatever looks like a good dinner idea - mushrooms, beets, squash, salad greens. I am also addicted to the chocolate milk of this one dairy firm, it is fantastic! I will never drink store bought chocolate milk again.


*Sigh* Yes, I do wish my climate was like yours!

Our market begins in May with baby greens, goat cheeses, plants, breads and preserves; and then progresses through strawberries and peas, flowers, more lettuces and baby root veggies; and then the full flush of summer with tomatoes and peppers, eggplants, berries, and finally tree fruits like plums, peaches, apples and pears. There's a truck with local turkey and turkey pies; and another with fresh fish on ice. Local corn in August, with blueberries and raspberries. We also have several Asian growers who bring all sorts of interesting things. We end with squashes and root veggies in October.


I don't get to the farmer's market nearly often enough. I love the cheese and the butter they sell as well. Santa Barbara pistachios, olive oil, fresh lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, apricots, cherimoya, strawberries, and lemon cucumbers, are all on my list, depending on the season.

Hi Krista, I just did a post about my local market if you want to check it out. We don't have as much in the winter but we still have some pretty good stuff.


Barb Cabot:

What a combination...your farmer's market and your talent in the kitchen. Bet you cook up some great recipes in your kitchen.


I love your Farmer's Market photos!

Redlands is my closest Farmer's Market, but I only go in the summertime. Last summer, though, Bill planted so many vegetables (including tons of tomatoes) that I only went a couple of times.

I'm really happy at the way our relatively young market is booming. I can do most of my shopping there and just pick up a few things at the grocery store.

Does your market have a radius rule? Ours is that the vendors have to be within a 50-mile radius.

The one thing we never have is any kind of citrus. I'd love to be able to buy tangerines!

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