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Nine Day Detox: Day Three

On day three in my Natural Detox Program I was really missing my morning cappuccino. The wonderful organic mint white tea is just not the same. I used to be strictly a tea drinker, mostly herbal teas. Then I went to Italy, and the espresso culture there completely won me over. So, for the last seven or eight years, we've had an automatic espresso machine to fulfill our need for a cappuccino, latte or macchiato each morning. The irony is that right before starting this detox we just got a new machine. The old one had a faulty pump, so we invested in a new De'Longhi. It makes fabulous espresso. But for now, I will try not to think about that.

For breakfast I attempted to have oatmeal, but after a couple bites, I decided that I am not an oatmeal person. I may have also been feeling grumpy about not having my cappuccino, but again I will try not to dwell on that. I did add a frozen banana to my shake and that made it much better, so at least I had that for breakfast.

I packed a lunch today: celery sticks, rice crackers, hummus and cherry tomatoes. I also brought some more mint white tea with me, and I felt fine all day - no headache and not starving. Later in the day I had another shake with frozen banana (must remember to pick up some more bananas), and then I went to the Farmers Market at Harding School. With what I picked up at the market and from my CSA box, I made a big salad for dinner and some pasta. The pasta was the biggest surprise. I bought some brown rice pasta (since wheat and gluten is out), not really thinking that it would be very good. I thought the texture and flavor would not come close to the real thing. But I was completely wrong. It was actually very good. It probably helped that I put a spicy tomato sauce on top of it, but I was quite amazed that something that was a substitute would taste this good. This is something that I would now regularly keep in my pantry. And I guess that is one of the points of this whole detox, to try something new and hopefully instill some healthy new eating habits long after the nine days is over.

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