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Nine Day Natural Detox

I have just started a Nine Day Detox Program with nutritionist Betsy Markle of Sunshine Wellness. Why? Well, I'm healthy and I eat lots of organic and local food, but sometimes I feel like eat too much wonderful rich food and it would be nice to take a break... to give my body a break. So, since Sunshine Wellness is an advertiser in Edible Santa Barbara, I thought I'd like to try out the Nine Day Detox Program that Betsy has designed.

The way it works is simply that you eliminate potentially allergenic and toxic foods from your diet day by day until by the middle of the program you are eating nothing more than vegetables, fruit and good fats. Then you gradually reintroduce the other food groups back into your diet. She also provides a supplement powder that you take in shake form throughout the detox.

Detox diets and fasting have a long history. Fasting has been a component of many religions all over the world, from the earliest times to modern day. And fasting can be a natural instinct in both humans and animals in response to sickness. For me, though, I'm more interested in the simplification of my diet rather than giving up food altogether. And I like the idea of clearing out the toxins from my body and improving my overall health.

As I looked over the instructions for Day One, it looked pretty straightforward: eliminate alcohol, refined sugars, caffeinated beverages, processed food and meat. The only thing that I would have a problem with would be my morning cappuccino. So, to make it a little easier for myself and to hopefully avoid a caffeine withdrawal headache, I decided to have my morning cappuccino with one shot of espresso instead of two. I had my usual Greek yogurt with San Marcos Farms honey and all was well. For lunch I had the Tofu Saute from Zooker's and for dinner my husband and I went to Pizza Guru for a vegetarian pizza.

So, day one was easy and I'm looking forward to stepping it up on day two. I'll continue blogging each day, and I'll post recipes whenever I can. Please feel free to email me or comment if you have any questions or if you have done this type of program before and would like to share your experience.

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What a good idea, Krista!

I am thinking maybe I should do this too, so I will be following along with your detox diet.

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