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T-2 Days and Counting

What's left to do?

Send out Itineraries to our families/friends who need them
Show my neighbor how to use the alarm and give her the key
Divy up all the great source material from Slow Trav between us and RAS
B&N run to see if they have the November issue of Savior and the November issue of BA (I'm looking forward to this one)
Make sure I print all the contact info I need (e.g., Peter Kilby, Sandro, Cristina, etc.)

Now for the aside because the best made plans of mice and mom's.....

Sammi's been congested all week, alergies we figure, but no fever though she's been out of sorts. Yesterday, while we were carving pumpkins (yes carving pumpkins because this stupid mother told her daughters since they were "missing" Halloween, they could have a Halloween party for their friends 3 days before our departure - yikes!). Anyway..while we were carving pumpkins, Sammi just didn't seem right. She was freezing - now granted it was cold outside but not that cold and she finally asked if it would be okay if she went inside. No biggie - of course I said it was okay for her to go inside.

Afte we finished, while I'm about to make lunch, I notice how bundled up she is while she sits on the couch. She says she's freezing but when I feel her forehead, it's pretty warm to me. Sugar! She's got the chills. A small rectal manuever later, yep - that's 101.9 on the thermometer.

It's 12:35. Normally, our doctor's there until 1:00 on Saturday. Run for the phone - nope - it's the answering service, not enough sick kids in our area and they're gone for the day. Call a medi place in the next town, "Nope, you won't make it here before we close." Well, I would have (you should see me drive) but not the doctor was appararently leaving before closing time (so what's the point). I hang up and we scramble to find another place when the phone rings. It's the Medi place, asking if we had just called. Yep that was us. Well it turns out, one of their former doctors was visiting and heard our phone call. She has an office 5 minutes from my house and was willing to meet us there. That woman single handedly restored my faith in the medical profession (and if you knew what was going on in our state with doctor's striking b/c of malpractice insurance and stuff, you'd understand).

She met us at her office 20 minutes later, examined Sammi, who I think I forgot to mention, is prone to Strep, and said, she can do the strep test but we won't have the result for a few days b/c the lab's closing. So she gave me antibiotics in case it's strep, zyrtec for sammi's allergies, and nose spray for her congestion. Told me she'd follow up w/ me on Monday, and if it's strep, she'll give us enough antibiotics to get us through our trip - yippee.

Well, unfortunately for Sammi, she was shipped off to Aunt Ann's last night so the party could continue. Gotta tell you that child took it like a trooper - an extra gelato for her on Wednesday. Ann said she slept most of the early evening there and sweated a bunch like her fever was breaking. It wasn't. She still felt hot to me when she got home but not nearly as bad and not lethargic at all - I think we nipped this one in the butt - well at least I'm hoping but time will tell today when she wakes.

So anyway, with our departure imminent, I've got the fear of Sammi's illness and the potential fear that Becky will turn up sick in Italy. Yuck. Of course, Chris reminded me, this happened 3 years ago too, two days before we left for Disney. Guess it's the risk of planning an Oct/Nov vacation.

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