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T-15 Days and Counting

Things are solidifying (sp) even more. I got this stuff done last week:

* We're all set with Sandro for our pick-up and drop-offs at the airport.
* On Saturday, we picked up our International Drivers Licenses and some other
travel essentials (i.e., eye masks and ear plugs for the plane).
* I've made reservations at the Church of San Francesco to see the frescoes.
* Started to print driving directions. I know Pauline can't stand the on-line
directions but I like to have something, plus I'm going to make a connect-the-dots
kind of thing highlighting the towns between our start and end.

Things I still need to do:

- Contact Rebecca
- Make reservations for lunch at Buca San Francesco (buon riccordo place) in Arezzo
- Contact Del Senato for our dinner reservations in Rome.
- Make reservations for Borghese Museum
- Gather all my notes into some cohesive form (e.g., restaurants, things to do,

I am so excited fo this trip, I feel I could bust. The kids are excited too. Funny though, different from past trips, I'm not feeling stressed about the things I haven't done and surprisingly, I've adopted the attitude, if it doesn't get done, tough - we'll still be fine. A strange attittude coming from me.

Which reminds me, something occurs to me with the driving directions. Often, I've seen signs for cities further than I want to go - for example, around Siena, I've seen signs for Grossetto, Arezzo, and Rome when confronted with three different alternatives, rather than closer cities (e.g, Montalcino). So how do you know then which way to go?

And back to another topic, I'm bouncing around today...we're living dangerously this trip. In previous trips, I've purchased $500 worth of traveller's checks and after each trip, I've deposited $500 worth of traveller's checks back into my checking account, so this time, we're not doing it. I feel as if I'm living on the edge ;)

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