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T-47 Days and Counting

New Blog Member
I finally remembered to send Chris and SR the link to my blog in case they're interested in seeing what I'm writing about them ;). Now Chris has the crazy idea that he wants to blog here too - kind of a he-said she-said blog. I just invited him to join but I'll bet you anything he doesn't follow-through (there Chris, I've thrown down the gauntlet).

New Guidebook

I bought a new guidebook and it arrived yesterday. It's Rome In Detail - A Guide for the Expert Traveler. It's published by Rizzoli w/ the IHT. Several different writers have contributed to the publication and I love it! I'm no expert traveler but how many times do you want to visit the Forum and Colosseo?

I'm excited because after skimming through it last night I have several ideas for our time in Rome. My only concern is that the distances on the maps may be a bit misleading, so I'll need to check on that for walking.

First Thoughts for Arrival Day
We've never arrived and had our room ready - really, when you land by 7:30 and are usually at the hotel by 9 - 9:30, who can blame them. So, assuming that's true again, I figure we'll head to either Rivere in the Piazza Della Rotunda across from the hotel or maybe over to Cafe St. Estachio for some Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate after we drop our bags. Then a stroll down to the Campo dei Fiore and if times allow maybe further on to the ghetto. If history repeats, our room will be ready around noon, so we'll return there to shower and refresh.

I'm hoping this trip, we can all sleep better on the plane and keep the girls from napping. If they need to nap, then I'm hoping our room's ready earlier. Anyway, after refreshing, I need to check the location again for Trattoria Lampada. If it's near where I think it is, it won't be far from Piazza Barberini and Santa Maria della Vittoria.

I'm thinking, if the trattoria is open for lunch, we can stop by there about 2:00, otherwise we'll head to pasquale's for pizza. After lunch, I'd like to visit Santa Maria Della Vittoria (open from 3:30 6:00 PM; located Via xx Settembre 17 - by the way what is the street officially called? Venti Settembre?) then head over to Santa Maria Della Concezione to visit the crypts (open from 3 - 6pm).

Though the girls want to visit the crypts on Haloween - I have to admit I find something about that appealing too! I'll enter the church's info on Friday's agenda too for a late afternoon visit just in case.

Thoughts for our Second Day
I'm still fuzzy about how we'll spend our second morning. It will definitely be a "play it by ear" time. SRA will arrive around 9:30 - if they have Sandro pick them up, I may try to hook up with him, and do the airport run. Otherwise, we'll just meet them at the hotel.

If their room isn't ready, I figure they can use ours to shower and nap - if they need too. If they don't need to nap, or just take quick ones, we can stroll over to the Trevi Fountain to throw our coins, then up to the Spanish Steps. No matter how I try, I can't seem to get away from those darn steps. It's okay though, Chris wants to check the watercolors done there and I can definitely get into that.

This time though, for our return route, I'd like to walk down the via di Ripetta to see the Mauseoleo di Augusto and cut over to the Lungotevere in Augusta to see the Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) but I'm wondering if it's visibile to the street or open to the public?

That afternoon we're meeting Peter Kilby at the hotel for lunch (Pasquales) then SRA are taking a tour with him of the Forum and Coloseeo. I think we'll stroll over to that area with them but this trip, I really want to see San Pietro in Vincoli (3:30 - 6:00 pm) and Casa di Livia (9:00 - 4:PM). The latter concerns me b/c of the time - I don't know if October will be considered the Winter or not. Also, while the distance between them looks walkable, I'm not sure if they really are.

Anyway - those are my thoughts so far. I'm sure now as I delve deeper in the research, I'll have more stuff to think about.

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