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So It Begins....Again

Well, it's 7:00 AM and I'm off to the right start. I measured my cheerios this morning into a little zip loc bag. Normally, I just pour them in until it looks like enough. When I measured, I realized 1 Cup wasn't enough but the 2 Cups I ended up with is probably too much. Tomorrow, I'll compromise with 1 1/2 cups.

Anyway - as I said, I want to lose 68 pounds by Labor Day Weekend 2005. With that kind of time frame and it's easy to get lost and do the starts and stops we've already talked about.

So, I'm making a schedule with interim goals and rewards. Here - check this out - it's the weight goal/reward table:

GoalDue DateReward
10 Pounds July 8, 2004Morning at B&N
20 Pounds Sept 16, 2004Day in NYC (Sans Children)
30 Pounds Nov 11, 2004Massage
40 Pounds Jan 20, 2005
50 Pounds Mar 31, 2005
60 Pounds June 9, 2005
68 Pounds Sept 1, 2005

You get the gist - I need to think up some more rewards and I also want to come up with corresponding fitness goals. Oh and there are some rules/guidelines for this:

1. Rewards obviously can't be food oriented (i.e., no going out to dinner)
2. Clothing will not be a reward - heck if you drop 20 pounds, 30, 40 pounds etc., it should go without saying that you'll need new clothing.

That's it for the moment - I want to check my e-mail and catch up on my boards (not to mention work) but I'll probably be back later.

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