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One Bad Morning

Did you ever have one of those mornings?

First, I tried to log onto my work computer from home b/c next week I get to work home one day (school graduation - no parking - all non-essential personal should schedule off site meeting type of thing). I couldn't get on-line - either our modem or router was down. So I trapse (sp) downstairs (to the basement) to giggle cords and bank boxes until I see the lights flash again. Then I trapse back upstairs and sign on to the Internet.

Next, I try to get into the system but I keep getting an Invalid Password Message. I'm pretty sure now that my password needs to be reset yet again but also that something's probably not working correctly.

On the food front though, I started off on the right foot. I packaged my cheerios, took a container w/ some mixed fresh vegies (carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber) and grabbed a Columbo Raspberry Yogurt (Columbo gives you an extra 2 ounces over Dannon - it's not so much as the quantity as the principle. Dannon reduced the size of their containers but didn't reduce the price - as if we wouldn't notice)! I also made myself another tuna fish sandwich for lunch.

BTW - I make my tuna fish sandwich w/ Smart Balance mayo (1T = 10 calories and no fat) which isn't really half-bad.

Anyway, as I'm driving to work, my cell phone rings. I hate when my cell phone rings while I'm driving. Especially at that hour b/c I'm thinking, one of the kids is sick. So I'm cruisin' down the road at 55 mph - debating whether I should let my voice mail pick it up or if I should answer - and at the same time, I'm blindly digging through my pocketbook searching for the stupid thing.

Another thought, we have this thing all wrong. We shouldn't have tiny cell phones but darn big ones so their easy to grab w/o taking your eyes off the road. Of course, in 6 weeks it won't matter here b/c it will be illegal to talk and drive at the same time.

Anyway, I finally grab the thing, of course, just as the ringer cuts out. Figures, but before I can put it down it starts again. Uh oh - emergency. I glance at the caller ID - sure enough - it's home.


"Hey," It's not Peggy though, the woman who watches the girls for me in the morning, it's Chris. Chris, who was leaving right after me but obviously didn't. Chris, who knows I hate talking on the cell phone while I'm driving. So I give him the standard response, "What?" Yes - read that with the nastiest inflection possible.

"You left your lunch on the counter (that nice tuna sandwhich I'd made), I'll drop it by on my way in."

"You'll go out of your way like that?"

"Sure, I know you're having a bad morning."

Man....do I feel bad - what a nice guy. Of course, he'll probalby want sex tonight in return ;) but what the heck.

On any normal morning, or day, that would have been an excuse to buy something horribly fattening for breakfast as a recourse (as in, well, I don't have my healthy lunch, so I might as well stop at Starbucks for a Cinnamon Chip Scone). Which, of course, would have led to I had that cinnamon chip scone for breakfast, so I might as well have fully loaded nachos for lunch - well you get the idea.

Don't get me wrong, I still really want those fully loaded nachos for lunch, but for now, I'm going to start munching on my cheerios and hope the reasons I'm doing this returns to me before it's time for lunch.

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