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You Deserve It

As I was packing up my food for the day, I debated bringing my multi-grain cheerios or stopping at Dunkin Donuts instead for coffee and well ... something. I figured it was a good opportunity to stop since I had to go to the bank this morning to get cash for our trip, and my alternate route would take me past a Dunkin Donuts. As I was debating with myself, I heard a voice say, "C'mon, you deserve it."

Alright, don't panic. I'm not Schyzo (sp). But did it ever feel like two people arguing inside you? In Judaism, there's are terms (Hebrew or Yiddish - I can't remember) for the Good Inclination or the Evil Inclination.

In my mind, I always picture them like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons when Bugs would have a tiny version of himself, dressed as an angel, telling him to leave Elmer Fudd alone, and another tiny version of him, dressed as a devil, convinncing him to clunk Elmer in the head.

That's how I felt this morning - too tiny (yes in my delusions I can be tiny) versions of me arguing the merits of stopping for that donut, scone, muffin, whatever and not stopping.

You Deserve It.

It took a moment for my good guy (well, at least I think it's the good guy otherwise this entire healthy living scenario is a big dupe), to ask "How do I deserve a donut?" "Why do I deserve tight pants?" "Why do I deserve panting to walk up the steps?"

That pretty much shut up ol' evil-doer until she came back with - "ah well, you're going away for the weekend tonight, and you're going to blow it then anyway, so you might as well start now."


I may "blow it" this weekend. I may not but I'm not letting that little pipsqueak get the best of me ..... at least not at the moment.

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