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The Captain and Me

I mentioned in yesterday's food log how a sweet cold cereal can ruin me every time.....my personal favorite is Captain Crunch - straight out of the box or with a big bowl of milk - yumm!!! Actually, my favorite used to be Quisp. Anyone remember Quisp? He was the alien character with the little propeller sticking out of his head. I think Quaker used to make him. Years ago, when we lived in St. Louis, I saw Quisp but it was in the bags of "generic" cereal and it wasn't called Quisp.

Anyway - so what's my point. Honestly, I don't think I have one today. I just want to relive the moments in my life when it was acceptable to eat sugar and milk for breakfast or to sit on the couch, in front of cartoons, and eat Captain Crunch out of the box. It has to be plain Captain Crunch though - none of that peanut butter stuff. Though sometimes I could get into the one with the berries or even the one with the whale. Now there's something, who remembers the whale one? It had vanilla flavoring. Sometimes I think I dreamed that flavor up along with the yodels that had white icing - oooh boy oh boy.

Now, I eat multi-grain cheerios for breakfast and the last time I had a Yodel...I'd like to say it was years ago but it wasn't. I took Becky to Junior Congregation last winter and the treat (aka oneg) afterwards was Yodels. I didn't eat an entire Yodel, just a small bite of Becky's. I let it sit on my mouth until it practically disintegrated and remembered the days when mom used to keep them in the bread drawer as an acceptable snack.

I miss those days. I miss the "carefreeness" of them before I had to worry about calories, fat and exercise. And as I write, I'd like to get to the point where I could say I'm much happier now and feel much better now that I workout and eat food that's good for me. Truth? I don't. As I write, I've come to the conclusion that once every so often, it should be okay to sit down with a bowl of Captain Crunch or Frosted Flakes, or even a Yodel and a glass of milk. I'm not saying every day - but once or twice a year - it shouldn't be such a big deal....as long as I exercise I little extra to make up for it.

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David Chesler:

If the white yodels came in blue foil, then we shared the same dream. Can't find any other record of them.

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