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Top Ten

Last night, at my aunt's, my cousin decided that sloppy Joes "are definitely in the top ten." Now before I go any further, let me clarify Sloppy Joes. We're not talking about the ground beef sandwiches in a tomato based sauce. We're talking Jewish Sloppy Joes, the kind you eat at a bris or a funeral. Corn Beef, Turkey (and I think Roast Beef but it could be something else), slopped with coleslaw on wedged between three thin slices of rye bread slathered with Russian dressing. You'll usually see these on a tray next to a bowl of pickles, olives, peppers and pickled green tomatoes.

Okay - back to our story - the occasion for my cousin's revelation, a family get-together at my aunt's. Originally, she planned a barbeque but with the thread of torrential downpours from the twin storms making their way up the coast (well, actually single storm, since the female petered out), she opted to bring in sloppy joes.

I, of course, promptly agreed with my cousin, but this also led me to contemplate what other foods I might include in my top ten list.....here's what I'm thinking so far - in no particular order:

Warm apple pie w/ chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie with a big glass of milk
Hot Dogs (my aunt concurs)
Pizza (again my aunt concurs)
The aforementioned Sloppy Joes
A bowl of chili and cornbread
Stuffed Cabbage
Pasta - prepared almost anyway
Fruit (melons, strawberries, blue berries, peaches, nectarines, grapes, bananas, apples - well anything in season).

Someone else mentioned lasagna but I don't agree besides my pasta catch-all covers it.

As I reviewed my list it occured to me - perhaps this is one (and I say one) of the reasons why I struggle with my weight. Sure, fruit made the list but it barely made it in lieue of the previously discussed Captain Crunch. How could fruit beat out Captian Cruch? Well, simply when it came down to which food could I live w/o for the rest of my life, it was the Captain - I go crazy if I don't eat any fruits for a few days (I start crave del monte canned peaches - scary)!
Okay - anyway, I digressed. Look at that list! Other than the fruit, and maybe the pasta (prepared certain ways) and if we push it my chili with my healthy cornbread are really the only "healthy" things on that list.

Do you see brown rice, whole wheat bread, fish, yogurt - any other stuff I need to regularly eat now on that list? Do you see nachoes smothered with beef and cheese? No, but I blew it yesterday having those for lunch. Figure if I bury that in the middle of this dissertation, nobody will see.

So now what? Do I ban myself from my top ten? Definitely not because as I already mentioned it's never the foods in my top ten that seem to trip me up. It's all this other piddly crap. So, I ask again, now what?

Honestly, I have no flippin' idea.

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