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The Plan - Roma 2005

We arrive Friday morning around 7:45 to Fuimicino. This trip Max Leotta is picking us up and taking us to our hotel the Teatro Pace.

Ah - another note, this trip we're bring Red Bull with us. Chris claims that this drink has some sort of chemical in it that convinces your body it has slept (and therefore gives you more energy). I think it's either hokey or that it's chock-full of caffeine. Either way, we're testing it out on Friday.

We've pretty much divided our days by Neighborhood. You can see on the other entries for this category the restaurants, stores, cafes and bars we've noted in each area. Our primary sources of information are:

Slow Travel
Rome in Detail published by Rizzoli
Blue Guide to Rome
City Secrets Rome

I've printed off information from both websites, so those combined w/ the maps and information within the books will serve as our primary guides.

Friday - Quirinale
Why Quirinale? Two reasons, 1) I want to see Santa Maria Della Vitoria or more specifically Bernini's Agony of St. Theresa. 2) Chris wants to have lunch at Trattoria La Lampada in the hopes of snagging those truffles that alluded him on our last trip. I've warned him, he may be searching in vain.

Roberto from Teatro Pace e-mailed me this morning, and we're all set for our lunch reservations at Lampada.

After lunch, and hopefully a brief nap, we're meeting Daphne from 3 Milenium Tours for a tour of three local enoteccas (or is that ennotecche).

For dinner Friday night, we're visiting an old favorite, Ristorante Abbruzi.

Saturday - Vaticano
We have reservatons for the Scavi Tour at 1:45, to which we're both looking forward. We'll visit Castel S. Angelo in the morning, grab a quick bite for lunch then head over to the cathedral.

After the tour, nap time and maybe a visit to one of the previous evenings wine bars.

Dinner tonight is at Checchino Dal 1887 to celebrate Chris's 40th birthday and snag some Buon Riccordo plates.

Sunday - Foro
Actually - we're going to skirt the neighborhood around the Forum/Collosseum. I want to visit St. Piero in Vincoli to see the Moses statue. Chris wants to visit the Circus Maximus (I keep telling him it's a big open field that we've passed a dozen times but he doesn't believe me). While we're in the area we'll also visit Santa Maria in Cosmedin to see the mouth of truth and see whatever else hits our fancy.

We're planning on Abruzzi for dinner again, unless something horrendous happens Friday night.

Monday - Trastevere
We've never been in this area of Rome so today we're doing some exploring. We'll head out via Isola Tiverina and visit Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Santa Maria in Trastevere and San Francesco a Ripa among other places.

Tonight, we're having dinner w/ Tony Polzer, Danjiela (sp) and Daphne - Tony's picking the place.

Tuesday - well, Tuesday it's back home on a 9:55 flight. A quick trip but hopefully a good one!

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