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Back Against the Wall - To Do List

Well, unbelievabley we leave on Thursday and mild panic is setting in. I need to pack. I need to contact the other parents in the area that will be supporting my parents....well I need to do a lot of s***. Anyway, here comes the to do list. Later, I'll enter the packing list.

To Do

  • Give mom an insurance card
  • Call credit card companies (i.e., we're in Italy don't block our friggin' cards again!)
  • Cook Kielbasa skillet stew and freeze
  • Cook Chicken Tettrazini and freeze bagged

Okay - completed:

  • Make paper look old for Becky's Social Studies project
  • Charge Italian Cell Phone
  • Photocopy passports
  • Pack
  • Pick up Birtday present for party Sammi has
  • Pick up drycleaning
  • Pick up Chris's Allergy Medication
  • Write note for Lisa picking up Becky from school on 5/20
  • Create our itinerary copy for Mom
  • Cook Mac & Cheese Casserole and freeze
  • Pay Bills
  • Planted garden and beds (well one bed left that Becky's doing tomorrow)
  • Print out the kids schedule
  • Print out list of phone numbers
  • Contact carpool parents, let them know Mom's taking over for two weeks.
  • Print out medical release letter
  • Remind Lisa of days she's picking up Becky; remind Becky
  • Cleaned off camera's flash cards
  • Charge Ipod
  • Charge palm and synced

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