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Can We All Just Take Our Seats Please

We took Sammi to a Yankee Game on Saturday. Our seats weren't together because two of them came with our season ticket plan, but when we realized Becky wouldn't be home and decided to take Sammi, we bought a third ticket, two rows behind our original two. Anyway, we got to the game, went to the upgrade window and managed to turn our two and one seat way in right field (home run territory) into three seats in Main Box behind home plate (for the nominal price of $90, yikes); still cool though.

What I don't get, is we're about five rows back in Main Box (Field Box is in front of that, so maybe twenty five rows behind home plate). When we arrive, a father and young daughter (maybe nine) are sitting in the first row of our section. Eventually, someone arrives and claims the seats that father and daughter have. They get up and move to the second row until someone arrives and boots them out of those seats, then it happens while they're in the third row. Now each time it happens, people stand about because they have to get a staff person, to move the people in their seats and everyone's blocking our view. Finally it ends up with the father and daughter sitting in the sixth row, behind us and I doubt those were their seats either!

So tell me, why can't these people just sit in their flippin' seats to start!! Why must they disturb everyone else because they're too cheap to pay for these seats to begin with! What is that father teaching his child about following rules???

Now I'm thinking maybe I should stop smuggling food into movie theatres...

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