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Well, we're in the Galilee now, at Kibbutz Hagroshim. so tell me, is there such a thing as a "non-kosher" or "non-orthodox" room? Making love in these beds is like making love during an earthquake - you have to watch out about falling in the crack!

Best quote yesterday, from Sammi, "If tomorrow's breakfast is pareve, I'm just going to eat the bacon." Someone better tell her that pig isn't kosher (don't worry we did) and she meant fleishick (yeah, you spell that). Yes, poor Sammi could not find a thing to eat on the dinner buffet last night - a meat menu. We're hoping for dairy this morning. The best thing I can say about kibbutz food is that it's abundant and sustainable.

The St. Peters fish with the mezze yesterday in Capernium and the falafel at Bet Shean didn't suck though. Which reminds me, other things we learned yesterday:

Stairs at a Tel are meant to be climbed.

Once you ascend said stairs, the only other thihg to do is come back down.

Fresh dates aren't wrinkly.

Ancient Synagogues that lay mosaic floors don't always put the name of each donor. Perhaps there was once a plaque on the wall?

Tourist vans can easily be turned into ancient Roman chariots for joy riding through ancient stadiums.

Samaria, a beautiful place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

Sammi has lost her tile rummy edge. Tile rummy is universal among Jewish travelers.

French, Indian, Korean and Japanese visit Israel. Where are all the Americans? Well, not true, the bible belt is heavily represented.

Everything is negotiable accept the beautiful an expensive menorah your daughter wants to buy.

On tap for today:

A hike to the source of the Jordan river. (We've discovered that the benefit of a private guide is a fluid itinerary. He incorporates, on the fly, a lot more things that interest the kids, that we might not do otherwise).

A tour and tasting at a winery (about that private guide - it works for adults too ;D).

Kayaking on some river.

On tap for tomorrow (Thursday)

A visit to Z'fat and a visit to Caesarea (sp) - hopefully we'll get to Haifa too.

That's it for now. Hard to believe we're more than half over.

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