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Let the Packing Begin

Well, my room looks like a laundry basket exploded. We have four, almost distinct piles in our room now, one for each of us containing all our clothes for the next two weeks. What a flippin' mess. I finished all the laundry today, so other than Becky's corduroys, I gave her special dispensation this evening, everything going with us has been washed.

We have four suit cases. Three 22-inch, and one bigger one - I think 26 or 28 inch but I'm not sure. I'll pack two smaller ones and then the bigger one. If the remainder after those three can fit into the third 22-inch, that's what we'll use, if not, we'll move up to the rolling duffle. All these will be checked. Each of us will also have a carry-on and a personal backpack or in Chris's case, his briefcase b/c he's going to bring his laptop. I agreed to the laptop, because I will be allowed to use it daily to update our blog - so remember to check in starting Thursday night. I'm hoping to get a bit up here each and every day.

I'm feeling better about the whole guide situation too, recognizing that a good chunk of the problem is my control issue and the other chunk the fact that I didn't do any comopartive shopping. But after doing a bit of research, I don't think what' we're paying is totally out of line.

Oh and hey, a member of SlowTalk invited us to her house the Saturday we're in Tel Aviv which we're all looking forward to immensely. Plus, Rain's father in-law, A, and his wife, S, live in Jerusalem. She's studying to become a rabbi and they've invited us over for havdallah on this Saturday and for dinner afterwards. Also looking forward to that too. It should be an incredible trip!

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