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On To Tel Aviv

Well, we're arrived in Tel Aviv last night (late almost 8:00), and I have to say the Hilton definitely deserves it's reputation as one of the top 5 Israeli hotels. The poshness of the place combined with the little perks Chris gets for being a super-duper member makes it a nice way to end our trip (great views from our room, and we were greeted by wine, chocolates and a plate of fruit). Oh and it's a non-kosher room!!!! ;D

I enjoyed the kibbutz but didn't get to spend a lot of time enjoying its environment as we were on the road a lot. Loved having an electric pot in the room to make coffee, and the wireless access in the lobby. Unfortunately, we didn't get to try the local restaurants b/c we're cheap and ate in the kibbutz dining room since it was included in our room rate. Another someday we'll return thing.

Okay - so yesterday - we didn't learn a lot but what we did learn, wow!

First, I'm a good shot! Chris was a little nervous after he saw me fire off that uzi (and hit the target 20 out of 20 times) but Becky scared us both; so good, she kept shooting through the same hole on the target over and over again. Yes we went to a shooting range!

Learned how they hand-weave tallit (or is it tallot - can never get that plural thing straight) and why b/c of that they're so flipping expensive! But worth it and yes, I finally bought one! It's beautiful and they're weaving it just for me and I should receive it in about 40 days (yeah!). If someone reminds me, I'll take a picture of it and post it.

Spent a good amount of time in Z'fat - learning a bit about Kaballah but mostly shopping - definitely made some major contributions to the economy but no candles (sorry Bobbi - I'll look for some in Tel Aviv). Suprisingly, none of the ones we saw there appealed to me.

After Z'fat time for an executive decision, our original itinerary called for way too many things to do in the day and I always knew it would be exhausting (yes Doru, nothing about this trip has been slow), until lunch yesterday. We blew off the B'hai gardens, Ceasaria (sp), and Acko (sp), and instead spent the afternoon with a Bedouin family, enjoying a home-made lunch. OMG moment as plate after plate arrived - just fabulous! Needless to say we rolled out of there as the sun was setting and headed to Haifa.

Spent just enough time in Haifa to admire the view and stop in "the best" falafel place in the Arab quarter in case we wanted a late night snack later. Eilan, insisted, even two hours cold these would still be the best felafel we'd ever have - he wasn't too far off - they were darn good. Chris still insists the Falafel at Bet She'an tasted better but that this made up for it in the quantity of the felafel - I liked this stuff. Yes, can you believe it, after that huge lunch, we still munched on falafel in our room late last night - I'm still stuffed!

After Haifa, it was on to Tel Aviv; the girls shared a pizza and chocolate soufle from room service while Chris worked out and I went in search of a cash machine (found a gelato place too ;D).

Today we explore Tel Aviv and Jaffa - maybe ending the day with a bit of kayaking in the Mediteranean though I promised Becky, she doesn't have to go in the boat with me.

I'll have one more update tomorrow but not sure about Sunday yet. After that, it's back to Jersey.

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