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Why Did The Pedestrian Walk on the Wrong Side of The Road

To get hit by the gal on the bike!

Okay - I haven't hit a pedestrian ... yet. But riding on the boulevard on LBI (Long Beach Island) it's only a matter of time. Wasn't everyone taught as a child, you ride with traffic and walk against traffic? Do you know why you're supposed to walk against traffic? So you can see on-coming bikes (and more importantly) cars, and adjust in case they're headed your way. Do you know why you have to adjust?

Because you're the one going the slowest - it's easiest for you!

But if one pedestrian walking the wrong way is bad enough. Try one pedestrian (or runner - let's not forget the runners b/c they're sometimes worse), wearing headphones. That's wonderful because not only is the pedestrian's back to you but said pedestrian cannot hear you call out, "On your left!" to know that a speeding bike is about to pass them and 1) they shouldn't make any sudden movements to the left and 2) it would be the height of courtesy if they would actually take one step to the right so said biker doesn't have to veer into traffic to get around them. Of course if they had been facing the correct way and/or not wearing the headphones they would have known that.

Okay - so what's worse than a pedestrian going the wrong way, wearing headphones? Several all walking together, the wrong way, gabbing away in one big social group. Hey people, you have worse things bearing down on you as you keep crossing the line into traffic than my puny bike - get a brain!

And while I'm ranting, I can't leave my fellow bicyclists out of this. You know who you are ... I hope. The bikers who ride against traffic - hey don't be lazy just because your house is on that side of the street and you're only going five blocks down to your buddy's. Either cross the street or walk the bike! Not to mention the other avid riders who ride two or three abreast with one always creeping out into traffic. Yes, I know a long ride can get lonely with no one to talk to. And I know you have the right to ride in that lane but does it really mean you have to, especially when there's a big wide shoulder present? You're pissing off the cars behind you, not to mention the other bikers, who ride faster than you, and would like to pass. So please, in high traffic areas, ride single file.

Okay - coffee is ready so that's it for my rant this morning.

Oh and by the way - 6:00 am seems like the best time to ride the boulevard. The pedestrians and joggers are courteous and knowledgeable and there's not much traffic.

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Walkers and joggers going against traffic, on the wrong side, is annoying. I have started spitting on them for it.

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