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Some Random Comments from the Overweight :D

Yes - you read that correctly, the Overweight. I made it! No longer obese, now I am just overweight. Of course, I just made it losing only a whopping .4 pounds this week. But hey, if I have to eat this way for the rest of my life, what difference does it make how long it takes me to lose the last 25? Anyway, the grand total is ... drumroll please ...

83.2 pounds!

Pretty cool, huh? You know, I don't think anyone knows or remembers what I used to look like. Let me see if I can find that picture around here somewhere. Wow - found it - very scarey. Let's see if I can upload it. It may no work - I was that huge!!


Unbelievable! Okay - I'm going to have to go find a recent today picture soon to post, lest you all think I still look like that.

Cute baby though, right? That's Sammi at about three months. Oh and that picture is taken after I lost my baby weight.

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I just happened to open your blog today and saw this entry and your gorgeous picture at the beginning.

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! What can I say? You look just fabulous and dropping SOOO much weight. You GO Girl!!!! Can you rub off on me a bit?? Did it all come off with WW?

You must feel so great. Keep it up!! Best regards!!


Yep Dorit, all Weight Watchers, exercise, determination, and dozens of white knuckle moments with some slides backwards (should of seen me in the fridge this morning - scarey).

But once I accepted it had to be for the rest of my life, it took the pressure off losing and put the focus on healthy, so I don't get upset with a really slow weight loss.

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