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Whistle Stop

I just have to tell you, I'm sitting out on our back deck, having just finished work for the day. I couldn't work out here for the longest time because my wireless sucked. Not everywhere, just within my house. It was slower than molasses going up hill in January. So today I played with it a bit. I'm still not exactly sure what I did that worked or why it worked but basically, I turned off the ThinkVantage "wireless radio" then chose Windows as my method to access the networks (it wouldn't let me do this before b/c it said that I had another program doing this - probably ThinkVantage). Anyway, Windows finally found my network but then couldn't connect, so I turned the "wireless radio" back on, and voila, it worked! So now I'm on a lickety split connection and I get to sit out in the shade on the back deck, overlooking the fields and work with the sun on my face.

So what does that have to do with what I'm going to write about? Absolutely nothing, just that I get to be outside and I am enjoying it.

Original plans for today had us at the beach. Then Chris was going to have to work (in North Carolina) then Becky got invited to a party, so we decided I would stay home with Becky and Chris would meet us and we would all go to the beach tonight, after the party. Tomorrow, Chris and I were scheduled to ride 55 miles or so since it's a rest week.

Well, as it turned out, Chris's flight yesterday was delayed/cancelled and by the time he could have gotten to North Carolina, it made no sense to go anymore, so he decided to stay home and take today off. Which meant, we could do a group ride with Princeton FreeWheelers. Did I mention I did my first group ride with them last week?

Anyway, Friday morning, C+ ride is about 30+ miles, but since we were scheduled for 55 we decided to ride our bikes to the meeting place 11 miles away. Riding down Cranbury road is brutal because it's a busy single lane road that gets a lot of truck traffic due to the inordinate amount of warehouses on the road. We normally ride it only on the weekends when truck traffic is less, but there we were, this morning in rush hour traffic, about 7:45 or so. And do you know what happened????

A truck driver whistled at me!!! I kid you not. I was whistled at. I've never been whistled at before in my life (I once had a trucker honk at me when I had the top down on the convertible and I was wearing a low-cut blouse - guess he had a good vantage point). Anyway, I don't care what any woman says, it felt pretty darn good.

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Kim, you hot chick on a bike!

There's nothing finer than a good whistle now and then...


Woo hoo! Go girl!


Thanks gals :D

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