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183.18 miles that is. That's how far I rode this week, Monday through Sunday, 183.18 miles It's the farthest (or is that furthest - I never know the difference), I've ridden in a single week ever. Yesterday, I did 74.89 miles - the furthest for a single day ever. But what really killed about yesterday's ride, it was supposed to be a "B" ride. The alphabet is how bike clubs rate their rides and a "B" ride for our bike club means the riders should be able to maintain 17 to 18 miles per hour in the flats and the overall ride should average between 15 and 16 miles per hour. But we averaged 16.5 mph (well Chris averaged 16.6 mph). Now granted the first 14 miles we did on our own and we cooked, riding to the meeting point because we were running late (I left the house without my gloves and had to ride back - idiot). And the last 17 we did after the ride on our way home (but I doubt we raised our average speed on those last 17), which means our ride was bordering on a B+ ride - something I can guarantee you most of the people on that ride didn't sign up for.

But I digress, as always.

Anyway, I thought that 183.18 was significant and thought I'd share some other numbers with you.

  • 90.2 pounds, total weight loss so far.
  • 10 - size now. Size when I started 22/24.
  • 18 years - since I wore the bathing suit I wore today (a size 12 from my honeymoon, which proves there was definitely a size-shift over the last eighteen years and why we now have size 0).
  • 36 bust size. When I started, 44. I should check - I may be a 34 by now.
  • 10, how many toes on my feet. I know because I can see them now.
  • 1,548.65 miles that I've put on my bike since I purchased it - roughly started riding it in April.
  • Total inches lost? I don't know because I can't find my original measurements but they're here somewhere.
  • Time it's taken? Years. But does that matter? It has to be a lifestyle change.
  • 40, the number of years I've battled my weight.

I think that's it for now. I'm tired and deservedly so.

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Congratulations on all of your fabulous numbers! You are an inspiration. I've been thinking about pestering you to find out what type of bike you started out with, as my bones are protesting at walking and I need to do something to improve and prolong my physical health and life.

But best to you and keep up the great progress!


Kim, what an absolutely fantastic accomplishment!

Huge congratulations!!


Hey Kim, I broke my rule and read a blog. Because I had a feeling you would be reaching a great milestone.

Congratulations, cheers, and all that. You look great, you sound great, and apparently you feel great!


Wow, thanks everyone; one of the things I know about this whole process it's something I couldn't do without the support of my friends and family.

Chris, I bought a Cannondale Synapse Feminine 3; it has a smaller frame than a man's bike so I feel like a nice tight bundle when I ride. I was going to buy the Feminine 4 (lower price point model) but in the end opted to go for the 10 speed which I'm glad I did; gives me a little more flexibility on the hills w/o shifting into my granny gears. The best advice though that I can give you is to find a good local bike store, make an appointment, and go in and try on different bikes. They should be able to do a fitting for you and the whole process can take a few hours. But that's good, b/c other than minor muscle aches and some use issues, I've had no comfort issues on the bike.

Donna, I still have more to go but I can finally see the cliched light at the end of the tunnel.

Marian, I'm honored. :D Thanks!

Oh two more things, that should be battled my weight for 30 years (typeo). Chris, here's a picture of my bike: - okay picture isn't working - let's try a link: Kim's Bike.

teaberry [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Kim - you go girl! You looked great when I saw you at the NYC GTG in early June - you are really getting the job done.

Those numbers are so impressive - they really help flesh it all out.



Kim, thanks for the info. I appreciate it. My plan was/is to head to Fairhaven Cyclery in Bellingham to be "fitted" for a bike next weekend. I'm just worried about those teeny tiny little bike seats - maybe I should see about getting a tractor seat installed at first? - but I printed your info and love the looks of your bike. 12 miles of roads in my gated community with hills & valleys are calling my name. Thanks again.

Congratulations Kim!

I've dropped about 50 lbs over two years and have about 50 more to go (unfortunately I keep loosing and regaining and loosing the last 15 lbs).

I think that my problem now is the lack of exercise. I haven't ridden the bike in 2 years. I guess it is time to fill the tires with air! LOL We have started walking again!

You are an inspiration . . .


Chris, actually the smaller seats work out well. Basically, the less area in contact with your butt, the less irritation, rubbing, etc. So don't be afraid to try one of those tiny seats.

Jerry - 50 pounds is huge - congratulations! Exercise has definitely helped. Like you, I spent about 6 - 7 months gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. I did two things, started exercising more and I changed my WW plan from core to flex. I hated biting the bullet on weighing my food but it helped me get portions under control. I've been a bit slack lately though and need to get back with the program.

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