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Crystal Light - Refrigeration

Okay - Becky's rehearsal ran over and I'm sitting here, way past my 10:00 bed time, waiting to go pick her up. And I'm wondering, do you need to refrigerate water mixed with crystal light? I mean I know you don't have to refrigerate water but does the mixing in of the fake flavor crap do anything to the water that will cause me to puke (or some other stomach ailment that shall not be named), if I drink it if it hasn't been refrigerated?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Cranberry Pomegranate Flavor

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I only refrigerate it if I want it cold. I figure there are so many bloody chemicals in there that they'd kill any bacteria!

I am laughing SO hard right now! I LOVE that show and was just saying that "anyone anyone" thing yesterday in my classroom. I agree with Jerry and would think (but don't know for sure) that all that crap in the Crystal Light would kill off any bad things.


I know this is an old post, but I wanted to say this somewhere. Unless you use it right away, I would definitely refrigerate it! I have a jug that I use for crystal light, and I left it out of the refrigerator in between uses with a tiny bit of crystal light left in the bottom. When I went to use it about a week after leaving it out, there was mold floating in the liquid. So I'd say refrigerate it, and unlike I did, rinse out your container after you empty it.

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