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Blear-eyed Morning

Do you ever have those times in your life where you just know you're grinding yourself down, but really, only because just around the next bend is vacation? That's the mode I'm in now. Finishing touches on vacation planning, trying to get some loose ends around the house tied up (I have tons of shopping returns I need to send back, not to mention general cleaning), and an over-scheduled social life this week. That's what I'm doing to me.

Saturday night - our annual clambake - I'll try to get an entry in on that. Friends we've had going on 12 years now, that we met when Becky started nursery school, come over once during the summer for a blow-out dinner. Followed by an early morning 40 mile ride with some friends who I couldn't ride with previously because of my training schedule.

Last night, we met my bro and nephews at Great Adventure b/c they're returning to Florida tomorrow and it was our last chance to get together for a while, not to mention, I had been promising to take the girls at night for a while. I didn't go on any rides, just hung with Andy but the kids hit, Nitro, Batman, Superman, The Great American Scream Machine and topped it off with El Toro. Another late night.

Tonight, it's up to Yankee stadium with rain for the third of our season tickets. Need to get to the supermarket at some point to pick up the fixings for our tailgate. I'm bringing Antipasto Chicken Sandwiches (from cooking light), recipe to follow.

Thank G-d tomorrow and Thursday, not much on the agenda (I'll swing in to full vacation prep then). But then Friday back up to Yankee Stadium for another game, this time with Chris, and hopefully the girls, if I can swing two more tickets tonight while we're at the stadium.

Saturday, I promised to take Becky to the mall - we're going to hit the make-up counters for some makeovers. Saturday night, Chris and Becky are heading to the beach so he can run the dog-day race, but I bagged out on him. Sunday - another bike ride and packing - we have to pack not only our stuff for Vermont, but both girls are going to encampment (a one week sleep away camp sponsored through United Synagogue).

And finally, Monday - we're off! I'll be blogging though b/c the cabin in Vermont has Internet access. But because I'm a glutton (not just for punishment but for food and wine too), two days after returning from Vermont, it's off to Paris!!!

The day after I return, school starts!!

Which reminds me, somewhere between now and Sunday, I need to get haircuts scheduled and school supplies bought for Sammi. Becky won't buy them until after school starts, lucky for me.


Okay - so I'll be back shortly with some recipes from the clambake, the tail gate, and some trip planning stuff for both Vermont and Paris. So stick around!

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Good lord - I need a nap just reading about all of this. I don't know how you do it all!

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