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Are We Living in the Wild West

Trish was talking about the Coyote she has near her and I was wondering about this critter in our backyard.


Sorry for the poor quality but it's through a screened window - didn't want to get too close. So is it a fox or coyote. We go back and forth because Chris insisted that while coyotes are being spotted in NJ none were spotted in our area. Then, last week, one was spotted in the next town (which our house practically borders), so now we're back on the fence. I say, our fox have redder coats and are smaller (I have a non-digi picture of one somewhere). Though the animal control guy thinks it might be a fox with mange (which is sad) but I'm still not sure.

Anyway one more shot for your consideration


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Looks like a fox who isn't doing so well. I agree - sad!

I agree with Jerry; it looks like an anorexic fox, poor thing. The wildlife guy gave us a license to shoot the coyotes but he also said just shooting into the air when you see them is effective. That sounds like a much better plan to me.

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