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My grandma used to hollow out the inside of rolls and bagels. She'd take the dough and put it into this plastic bag with a twist-tie (probably and old produce bag or something). She'd eat the outside of the bagel or roll herself but then, when the bag was full, we'd take it across the street to the park, and feed the pigeons.

Some people get skeethed out by them, but I don't. I like them.

In college, there was this park on the other side of the mountain from our campus. Sometimes Chris and I would go over there and feed the ducks and geese. I like doing that too.

Thanks Kathy, for helping me to remember those things.

Pigeons in Venice
Pigeons in Venice - Man Was I Heavy

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You're welcome!

I have such fond memories of feeding ducks and geese with my mom and dad and I always loved feeding the seagulls on the beaches of Rhode Island.

Pigeons are wonderful creatures. Having one eat out of your hand is pretty darn special. Your photo is proof of that. :-)

Pigeons a.k.a. rats with wings!

I used to walk with my great-grandma to Golden Gate Park to feed the squirrels. I'm trying to remember what we fed them!


Funny story about the squirrels. They used to eat out of our bird feeder all the time and it would drive Chris crazy. So one day, he got this large umbrella like think that you put over the feeder, basically, it's supposed to keep the squirrels from climbing down to the feeders. What it really did was just protect the squirrels in the rain. :D They were very appreciative.

Oh, that's funny! I see squirrels digging the sunflower seeds out of my bird feeders all the time. I don't mind, except that they flip all the bird seed onto the ground - where it sprouts!

I used to feed the squirrels in the parks of London with my dad. We'd feed them cherries and whole peanuts. They'd climb up the bench and eat right out of our hands. Fabulous!

I'm a sucker for a cute squirrel as well. ;-)


Haven't checked your blog in a while and had to comment on this.

I don't think I ever realized where that bread came from that we fed to the pigeons. But now that you mention it, my mom does the SAME thing w/bagels (hollowing them out, not feeding it to the birds). Too funny......

BTW, I think the bags were the old bags that the bagels/rolls/bread came in.

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