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Dolce Italiano - Fresh Fig Tart

Dolce Italiano

I don't remember her name but there was this blogger who wrote about her efforts to do every single recipe in Julia Child's cookbook (not sure which one); I think she even got a book deal out of it. Honestly though, I've never read or even seen her blog, it's just something I've heard through blog lore. Something I always thought would be cool to try.

Well, now I'm going to try it - only I'm not going to do it with Julia Child's cookbook. I'm going to do it with Gina DePalma's new cookbook, Dolce Italiano, Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen.

I got this book as a birthday present from my aunt (well, actually, I got a Barnes and Noble gift card and I chose this book with that). I'm a fan of Babbo and their pastry chef, so it was a no brainer.

First I started reading - it's well written with lots of great information - but heck with that for now - that could be another entire entry (or two or three), let's get to the first recipe.

She has a fresh fig tart in there and though I'm not a tart person, I figured, this would probably be my last opportunity to work with fresh figs until next year, so what the hay? Oh, and it's not that I'm not a tart-eating person; I'm just not a tart-making person. I have a fear of tart and pie crusts.

The sweet tart crust was a cinch to make, came together nicely in my food processor, and once I generously floured my surface, rolled out in a snap. One of the cool things about this cookbook in addition to the recipe, she gives you tips, like "you can also freeze the dough," or save the scraps in the freezer because after you make two of these, with the left over scraps, you'll have enough to make a third.

While the dough chilled (for a bit over an hour), we ate dinner and then I worked on the filling. Also easy peasy, though I was afraid there wouldn't be enough of the "coating" that goes under the figs, as the tart cooked, it bubbled up nicely.

She recommends letting it cool for thirty minutes before you devour it, and we just barely managed to do that. Chris, Becky and I all gave it thumbs up (Sammi couldn't get past the figs). And Larry, from the construction crew working on my bathroom, gave it the best compliment, "That reminds me of Italy - with all the figs!"

Fresh Fig Tart

Sorry about the picture quality; I need to work on that.

Now I know you all are thinking, hey, how can she do Weight Watchers and eat stuff like this? Well, let me tell you, Weight Watchers and I were never about self-deprivation. I couldn't stick to a plan like that. What it's all about is choices, healthy eating and moderation. So where as the normal serving on the tart is 8 to 10; we divided it by 16 and for those really curious each serving is 6 points.

Six points is a 45 minute ride going 12mph or more (roughly). I'd be willing to do that any day of the week for a slice of this tart.

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That is a beautiful tart! And even better - it sounds like it tastes good, too. ;)
I didn't know that dessert cookbook was available already ... must go look for it!

Julie Powell was the Julia Child blogger. Saw Dolce Italiano the other day on Amazon and added it to my Wish List - looks like a good one!


Thanks Cate - I thought I heard she took the blog down when she got the book deal but I'll go take a look.

I think you'll love the book. I'm heading out now and may pick up some whole milk so I can do the toasted almond gelato tonight - we'll see.


HI! I am about to make this tart -- the crust is chilling -- and I noticed an error in the recipe and am wondering what you did. The recipe calls for 1 large egg yolk but in the instructions it says "Beat in the egg yolks one at a time..." Did you just use one egg yolk? Thanks!!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Christine, I'm trying to remember and I think I went with the two egg yolks, figuring easier to adjust if too much than not enough filling. Let me know how it turns out.

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