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Not Sleeping

Fala's not sleeping. Well, that's not entirely true. She's sleeping right now, on the chair in my office. She never used to sleep on that chair but since I put her favorite afghan on it, she sleeps on it most mornings while I work.


What I mean to say is that she's not sleeping at night. She falls asleep just fine but sometime about 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning, something bothers her and she stars scratching. When she scratches, she jingles. When she jingles, she wakes me. Why? Because she sleeps next to me on the bed.

So for the last several mornings, I've woken at about 4:00 or 4:30. It means nothing to her to wake me at that time, because, as I've already demonstrated, she sleeps all day. What does she care?

I'm not sure why she starts scratching then, but last night I removed her collar and she fell back to sleep. I, on the other hand, was up for good, so I watched the rest of Inspector Lynley, Blink of an Eye, on Tivo. I had fallen asleep during it the night before, around 9:15. Why? Because the stupid dog keeps waking me at 4:00 in the morning.

So now, I'm in a funk because that's what happens when I don't get enough sleep. That, and overeating. Don't ask me why being tired leads me to overeating but it does. Anyway, so now I'm in this funk, and I need to get out of it but am not sure how.

For starters, I'm cleaning the house, before Anna, the cleaning lady arrives. Yes, we all know the absurdity of cleaning before the cleaning lady - but it's not really cleaning, it's more like straightening, putting crap away so that she can actually dust and vacuum without navigating the obstacle course that is normally my house.

Next, maybe I'll convince me that getting on the bike, will make me feel better. But somehow I doubt it - this could be one of those days where I walk around in my bike shorts and shirt all morning. Then again, you never know.

After that - I'm clueless. I could try reading but I'm tired. Maybe a walk in the woods but I'm tired. Can't do the nap - I lost that ability sometime since college with only fleeting glimpses of it on the occasional vacation without children. Besides, Anna will be here and I feel there's something terribly wrong with me napping while she's cleaning.

Anyway, so now I'm in a funk and I've probably blown enough time whining here - so I guess it's back to "straightening" for me.

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Heck - you have a right to whine. I am with you - a good night's sleep is SO important. Our cats are like that - crazy and think nothing of waking us up but then they sleep all day themselves. ARGH

Can't believe you fell asleep on Inspector Lynley!! He could keep me awake anytime ... ;p

Is Fala sleeping through the night again? I hesitate to tell you what sounds I wake up to sometimes with my 3 cats. Can you say, "cat barf?"

(Which sound would you rather hear? LOL)


Colleen - I'm glad I fell asleep on that Lynley episode. If I had watched it through to the end I would never have slept - very upsetting. It was "In the Blink of an Eye."

Oh and I know that noise too - Fala makes it sometimes when she's eaten something she shouldn't have. As a matter of fact, she did that one night, and Chris grabbed her and propped her over the toilet (like a kid), and she scored! Now if we could only train her to do that on her own...

I need to get caught up on the Lynley series ... I don't remember that episode. I just got disc 1 of "Foyle's War" from Netflix and am enjoying that. I'll queue up Lynley next.

I used to have a cat that peed in the toilet! I didn't train her, though, she was just smart! :)


Colleen it was the season finale for 2007 (I've been watching them out of order unfortunately). I guess they no longer match the books.

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