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What I'm Reading Now

I love to read but I do so much of it with my job, that by the end of the day, usually the last thing I want to do is read. Not so lately though, as I've read two books (diametrically opposed) that I thought I'd share.

The first, Shadow of the Wind, was just an amazing tale of a boy coming of age and the mystery that he unravels surrounding his favorite author. I enjoyed this one so much, I didn't race through it but doled it out in small doses because I didn't want it to end. Well, that is until I got on the plane to California last Friday - then I raced through, finishing it with hours to spare that left me bored. I highly recommend this read and still can't believe it's a translated edition.

The second book, as I said is the total opposite. While the first definitely falls into the literature category, well, this next one can't be called anything but fluff. Geeky fluff at that (hey I warned you I was a geek a while ago). Think Stephanie Plum of Janet Evonovich fame gets turned into a vampire and you're almost there.

Undead and Unreturnable is just a bit of fluff that's good reading after a deep book. Finished it in a couple of hours on the flight home from California, leaving me plenty of time to watch a movie and annoy Chris.

Last night I started whizzing through the next in the series, Undead and Unpopular which I'll follow with I'm Not Scared.

Happy reading.

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Kim, I also loved the Shadow of The Wind.....the atmosphere was unbelievable!

It makes me long to see Barcelona!

What is wrong with Stephanie Plum? I bought the latest book at Barnes and Noble in Gilroy! LOL

Please teach us how you put the picture on the side with words (a paragraph) next to it and how you make the picture a link.

I think I will have to put that book on my list. I would like to learn more about Spain.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Jerry, nothing is wrong with Stephanie Plum - I love her. Though I doubt anyone will classify her as literature.

Girasoli, it's some html code, I'll write something up and post when it's done.

Yay, Kim - glad you finally got to read "Shadow of the Wind." Wasn't it just amazingly GOOD?? I've heard he has another adult novel out that was translated into english, but it hasn't turned up yet in a search.
I'm behind in my MJD reading ... I need to reserve "Undead and Unreturnable" at the library. I'm almost through Nora Robert's "Circle" trilogy which also features vampires. Very different from MJD. :D


Colleen, do you want me to send you Undead and Unreturnable? Just let me know.

Sure - send it my way. Thanks!

Have you read any of the Harry Dresden books? Harry's a down-on-his-luck good guy wizard. :) Jim Butcher is the author. Take a look at them at amazon or somewhere -- the first book is "Storm Front." If you're interested, I have the first two in the series, and will send them to you.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Col, send me the first one; I'll give it a try.

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