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Careful What You Drink

orange juice mom

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Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I know, it cracks me up but Becky thinks it's so sad. They had one for a cow and a hamburger too. She said it's almost enough to make her a vegetarian.

But will she stop drinking orange juice? :)

(Have you seen Notting Hill? I remains me of the scene where Hugh Grant is being set up with a woman who is not only a vegetarian but a fruitarian - she believes that fruits and vegetables have feelings too, and she will only eat fruits that have fallen/jumped from the trees "voluntarily." Hilarious!)

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Chiocciola, she says she's not going to stop drinking OJ. Was that scene from Notting HIll - I remember it but I didn't think it was that movie, too funny.


I just watched Notting Hill the other night (for about the fourth time)...that scene, especially the murdered carrots, cracked me up!

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