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If I Had a Million Dollars

Do you know the song, by the Bare Naked Ladies? It's a good song, fun sing-along. Anyway, I don't buy lottery tickets often, just when the jackpot is really big, and Angie's post, I Didn't Win the Lottery reminded me I need to get a ticket for NJ's Megamillion drawing tomorrow night which is $220 million!

It also reminds me of the game we often play, what would we do if we won.

To start, I figure at the very least with a $220 million jackpot, if you're the sole winner, it's a payout of about $110 million, $55 million after taxes. Even at the smallest of interest rates (say 3%) that's still over 1.5 million a year in income without ever touching the principle.

Anyway, here's what I would do (Chris may disagree):

  • College funds - not just for our kids but all the kids in our family, nephews, nieces, cousins.
  • Donations - off the bat, I know we need to do something for the synagogue - I'm thinking some sort of endowment to keep yearly dues down and building maintenance covered. And since what's good for the gander is good for the goose, something for the church too - Chris's local - maybe something to do with the youth. Of course Lehigh gets some - and after that, who knows. I would love to start some sort of foundation.
  • House - we wouldn't sell our home (as much as Sammi wishes we'd buy the mansion on the lake nearby so she could have a bigger bedroom), but I would finally decorate it and re-do the deck.
  • Work - Of course Chris would quit his job - but with plenty of notice so they don't get screwed over (I'm not sure I agree with that philosophy).
  • Vacation - I'm thinking huge family reunion in Disney World to start. Then who knows - I mean really! Can you imagine??
  • Lehigh Girls - of course there will have to be some big celebration - maybe a few weeks in Europe for everyone including husbands and family - after that, who knows?
  • 2nd Home - I've always wanted a farm - we may buy something in Vermont or may Paso Robles - I'm open to suggestions. I'd prefer Vermont, only because we could get their easily for long weekends.
  • BookBabes - I'm thinking a week in Paris.
  • Mom and Dad - whatever they want
  • Andrew - well, you'll definitely get that boat you've always wanted - and would love to get you back up to NJ.
  • George - send him and Joe to wine country with a hired driver for a week of tasting. Then maybe back to Germany.
  • Ann - we're taking her to Sicily - right off the bat.

More than that, I do not know but would love to figure it out!

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I love how you have really thought about this and planned in detail! I dream but I have yet to make a bulleted list... I think I will! (Great idea for today's blog post.)

Great idea! I am going to have to think a while on this one. What fun to dream, huh? Good luck on your ticket!!

I think I need to repost about this.


I would miss you, while you are out with everyone else :(

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

My dear Lisa, if you would finally tell me where we're taking our girl trip - I'd have a celebration destination for you too. :)

Hey, no one won! It's now $270 million!!!


Alright Kim, I figured out where I want to go. Anywhere but North Brunswick :)

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