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Today's Weight Watcher Saying

So I mentioned about my Weight Watchers sayings/tasks a day calendar. When last we met, I left off with March 4. Since then, we've had, "This is a great day to focus on eating lots of leafy green vegetables. The darker the green, the better," on March 5th.

In honor of that one, I made my standard Broccoli Raab stir fry. In non-stick skillet, coated with cooking spray and maybe a teaspoon (or more of oil), I add sliced garlic and a dash of some crushed red pepper. I saute until I can smell the garlic or until it's slightly toasty then add some chopped broccoli raab (not finely chopped, basically I take a bunch, and give it three good whacks, crosswise). Toss that about a bit, throw in some salt, toss about more, and when most of the liquid left on the leaves of the broccoli from washing, is absorbed, I may toss in some water or a bit of broth (if I have some open). Let it simmer for a few minutes and voila, spicy broccoli raab is served.

Yesterday's saying was "How many ounces of water will you drink today? Set a goal and to reach it." I blew this one - forgot to check the calendar in the morning and so didn't set any sort of water goal.

Today we have, "Enjoy dishes made with plant-based protein, such as lentil stew, split pea soup, or nuts added to salads." I didn't go with any of their suggestions but instead, took some frozen falafel from whole foods, sauteed it in a non-stick skillet coated with cooking spray, until it was toasty, and put that atop a big old salad of mixed greens, red pepper, carrots, onion and tomato with a bit of non-fat ranch dressing in the mix. It's one of my favorite lunches. I still had a chunk of the no-knead bread left (about 2 ounces), so I toasted that well, and drizzled it with 1/2t of Mauro's olive oil from Le Casa Gialle - yum! Works out to a 3.5 - 4 point lunch (if I count the dressing which sometimes I do, sometimes I don't). Not too shabby.

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Kim, I really admire your diligence in careful eating yet with some variety.

I'm really rigid about what I eat (except in Italy!) but unfortunately, I don't do a lot of cooking so I end up eating the same things over and over. So four out of five days a week, I hit a takeout place near my office that makes a great, tho unusual spinach salad. No dressing but lots of sliced fruit and some goat cheese on top. I love it, but I think my iron levels must off the charts from so much spinach!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks Sandra; lately it's been a constant struggle (all in my head) but I keep trying.

So do you think it's bad to have a lot of iron in your diet? Sometimes I think I'm not getting enough - especially this week.


Kim, I doubt it's possible to get too much iron -- I never feel as if I have enough energy!! And sounds like you've had the kind of stressful week where you need all the energy you can get as well. More daylight is going to help, too. Come on, spring!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sandra, thanks. I think I may have to start buying a multi-vitamin with iron. I've had a tendency to get slightly anemic now and again and I'm just feeling blah lately - maybe that will help. Thanks for the reminder.


Kim, this is just a test to see if you get notification of a comment--has anyone else noticed that comment notifications seem a bit wonky?

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