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3 Things

Amy did this on her blog, Destination Anywhere, so in my usual fashion, I stole it.

Three Things I Learned from my Father:

1. How to fold a newspaper so you can read it on a plane or train without being rude.
2. How to tie my shoes
3. A sandwich sitting by the East river, can be just as good as a meal in a fancy restaurant

Three Things I Learned from my Mother:

1. How to find a good parking spot at the mall
2. How babies are made
3. E-mail and IM are fine but there's nothing like a phone call or visit.

Three Things I Learned from my Brother:
1. How to play black jack.
2. How to body surf
3. People can change.

Three Things I Learned from my Spouse:
1. If you plan and work hard at keeping the plan, you can accomplish anything.
2. Men smell bad after they've run 20+ miles (who are we kidding, any amount of miles)
3. How to make a good martini

Three Things I learned from my Grandparents:
1. How to read
2. How to bet on horses at the track
3. How to play cards (all sorts of games, Rummy, Poker, Casino, Go Fish, etc.)

Three Things I Learned from my Teachers:
1. You get better grades if there isn't fudgeicle on your homework.
2. Don't spread rumors; they come back to bite you.
3. Not every person who can't do, teaches (some can do but choose to teach anyway; the gems), and some who can't do, shouldn't be teachers either (the duds).

Three Things I want everyone to Learn from Me:
1. Life is too short not to have fun doing what you're doing.
2. Say what you mean and mean what you say
3. It's never too late to change course; a u-turn is better than no turn at all.

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Those are great, Kim. I wish I knew how to bet on the horses! Or play card games.

And I think that learning that it's okay to change course is a very good, but difficult lesson. It can be really hard to change because it requires an admission that something is wrong or a bad decision has been made. And that can be tough to do. Excellent lesson!


What neat 'lessons', and what great idea for an entry...methinks I too will steal it!

Hey, I learned all my card games from my grandmother also! I used to stay at my grandparents' house all the time. My grandmother & I would play cards while my grandfather sat nearby listening to the Red Sox on the radio. I think that is where I first learned to love the Red Sox (even though he always called them a bunch of bums).

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