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Blue Screen of Death - Part IV

So here we are Tuesday, and I wait with baited or is that bated, breath, for John’s (aka Yanni’s) phone call telling me the PC is ready for pickup.

And I wait.

And I wait some more.

And do you know what?

He never calls.

So Chris calls the store this time. And Chris tries to speak to John, who as it turns out, left for the day and then Chris gets disconnected. All of this after being on hold off and on for over 20 minutes.

It’s 6:30 now. Not happy. I am so not happy.

I call the store and ask for Eric, who is not in. So I ask for the store manager who is with a customer and can’t come to the phone. All of this between being put on hold, takes over 20 minutes. So I threaten the poor guy answering the phone that if he doesn’t get someone on the phone to speak to me, someone with decision making ability, my next calls will be to the Attorney General (by the way, did you know you can file a complaint with the AG on-line and that they have warranty problems as a possible issue – guess this happens more often than we would all like to think), followed by a call to the Better Business Bureau.

They give me John. John works in the TV department. John isn’t a manager but a senior sales associate but John is due for a promotion soon. I give John my tale of woe. John promises not to hang up on me and walks over to the Fire Dog guys and gets Angel to help me. Angel is a man-boy (I have discovered that most of the techs are man-boys). Becky finds this amusing.

Angel looks at my computer. He says John put a new hard drive in but had problems with the operating system and thinks there’s a problem with the motherboard and it needs to be sent out. I ask to speak to Jessie, the manager (Pat is not in on Tuesday night) because it’s my feeling that if they end up sending this machine out they should pay to overnight it both ways, since it has taken them two weeks to diagnose the problem, nine days longer than they wanted. Plus Angel doesn’t believe it’s a motherboard issue and wants, so again, we still don’t have a verifiable diagnosis.

Finally, Jessie gets on the phone. I explain to Jessie my tale of woe, blue screen of death, promised phone calls never made, complete lack of diagnosis or fixing of this problem. Jessie promises me a plan of action on Tuesday night. He promises if they don’t know how to fix it by Tuesday night (i.e., it’s 7:30 now, so they have 90 minutes left in their day), I can show up at the store at 4:00pm on Wednesday and pick out a new machine.

Promise Jessie?

Yes I promise.

Angel calls me back at 8:30. He’s booted up the computer and down again a dozen times and it all seems fine. He has a few more drivers he wants to install but it will be ready Wednesday.

“Tomorrow?” I ask?


“What time should I come by to pick it up?”

“Well, we don’t open until 10:00 so give me a few hours.”

“Okay, I’ll be by in the afternoon.”

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This story continues to get more and more unbelievable! I think you should call the better business bureau anyways. It makes me think twice about getting anything important with Circuit City. I love your descriptions...can even picture the man-boy.


I can't wait for today's installment! Unbelieveable.


Can I do all these instead of buying a new laptop? I seem to be buying a new laptop on almost a yearly basis!

Or maybe I do not have the patience to go through the Jessies, to the Angels and on to Johns and so on and so on...

Let me know how this saga turns out. I need to know what to do should I need a new computer.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You know, it's laughable now but then...

Eden, as Chris put it (because we eventually did get a new machine), we basically rented a laptop from Circuit City for two years at the cost of $300 (the price of the service contract).

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