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I'm Going to be a Grandmother!

Okay, well not really. But we've been "adopted" by a robin who made her nest in our weeping Cherry tree, right outside our front door. Becky has confirmed sighting of at least two eggs in the nest (we can see into it clearly from our guest bathroom window). So we've banned use of the front door, so as not to scare her and Chris is going to remove the screen from the bathroom window in hopes that we can use it as a vantage point for photos once they hatch.

Robin in Nest, Photo by Becky

Robin bouncing around on lawn after we scared her by mistake, Photo by Becky

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Congratulations! Looking forward to some baby photos soon. I haven't seen any signs of activity in my bluebird house yet, but I did have a new visitor to my feeder one morning this week - a huge possum!


That's a lovely photo from Becky. I love robins, which is strange because I fear and loathe most birds (as I do clowns, of course) Yet for some reason, robins are exempt from the blanket loathing.

Good luck with the grandbirds!

Great photos!! This post for some reason reminds me of the story "Are You My Mother?".

Barb Cabot:

Wow that title really grabbed my attention! Congrats on the additions to the family. Keep us posted!

I did quite a doubletake when I first read the title. *smile*

I have realized lately how much I have missed the sound of birds chirping in the morning. Thank goodness for spring.

Great pictures!

Congratulation, Grandma Kim.
We had a nesting pair of common house wrens in a decorative basket that hung next to our front door.
They came back 3 years in a row.
For that entire year, we used our garage door exclusively.

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