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The Happy Family

Maria, requested and we aim to please here at the home of the robins. First off, they're getting very big, and soon will be forced from the nest, to live on the ground, where they will practice using their wings and learning to fly. Their father will stay with them there while their mother will lay the next set of eggs in the nest. We're a little nervous about this stage as we have lawn care, so are keeping a close eye, so we can put up some sort of temporary fence/warning signs to keep the lawn service from mowing the lawn in that area.

Here's a shot of them, hanging in the nest - can you see the wings? How about the open eyes?


Here's a shot of mom feeding the "teenagers." Sometimes she gives them entire worms. They're big enough now so we can actually watch from our family room window which is just a few feet from the tree. She doesn't seem to mind.


Do you know, it's not the sound of the mother returning that initiates the open mouth reflex of the babes, it's the vibration of her landing on the nest. Baby robins are born with three basic instincts, 1) to open their mouths when the mom returns 2) to lay low in the nest, avoiding predators, 3) to poop as soon as they eat. Kind of gross, no? But really, they poop these white sacks (fecal sacs I think they're called), that the mother picks up and removes from the nest. It's how the nest stays so clean.

Here's one more of mom and her babes:


So how is that?

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Barb Cabot:

Wow Kim, the babies are growing up so fast! Bet the whole family is having fun watching them in person. Thanks for sharing.

WOW!! I love those photos!! Can I also get copies (larger size) when you get a chance for my class? I would love to show my kids their little open mouths.

Thank you so much for the update. The pictures are fabulous! I went back to look at the picture you posted exactly a week ago and they have really grown so much in 7 days. Love those beaks waiting for the worm.

Interesting facts about the robins and their babies and how they have to move out to make space for their siblings.

That last picture is wonderful. The babies with their beaks wide open and the mom kind of indifferent. Have you considered posting it on this Saturday's PhotoHunt? The theme is to share any photo. I think the last one would be a top entry. What do you think?

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Barb, we're getting very little done here as we seem to be watching them often.

Girasoli, I'll send you some photos this morning.

Maria, I thought about it - question on the photopost. Do you post your photo on Saturday or Sunday (i.e., do the replies start to get posted at 12:01am Saturday or really 12:01am Sunday)? I get confused about stuff like that.

Amazing how fast they grow!

Kim about Photo Hunt, I think you post your "mine's up" comment on Saturday (on the Photo Hunt site) but you can post your photos earlier if you want. That's how I did it anyway.

Thanks for the update on the babies.


I love watching and reading about them. We have a nest also in front of the house, unfortunately we can't avoid walking by to get into the house. It seems we are always disturbing the mother. Hopefully we have little cute birds soon too!

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