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And Then There Were None...

Well, yesterday, our little friends were busy standing in the nest, testing their wings, hopping just outside the nest on nearby branches.

Yesterday's Shots




Then last night, while Becky was upstairs and I was out, one of our little babies flew the coop (or nest in this case).

Becky tried to find him and thought she spotted him on our neighbor's driveway but by the time she got her camera, he was gone.

This morning, we checked our little friends, first thing as always. And the other two were in the nest, standing, flapping. As Becky left for school, she spied the second one hop out of the nest and fly off. She waved to me through the window, and luckily, we caught the third, and smallest sibling, as she first flew from the nest onto a nearby branch.


She clung precariously, flapping her wings a few times, furiously.



And then, she too, took off first, stopping in our flaming bush, and then disappearing so we couldn't follow her. So now we have an empty nest, and are pretty sad. :(. Hopefully, mamma bird will lay another set of eggs with us soon.

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Awwww... I'm sad too Kim. And I just watched from the computer as you posted the pics.
The good news is that if it remains intact. That nest will probably be occupied next year.
Maybe you should plan to set up a web cam!!!!

Boy that was so fast. I have really been enjoying these photos. They are so cool. I hope they return.

Kim, I've been following your babies and this is so sad yet sweet. Now you're an empty-nester...

I was sad as soon as I read the title. I know how it feels to be an empty nester. I think I read that robins lay eggs three times a year, so maybe she'll get busy soon.

Wow you really are an empty nester! First time I have seen it being literally true! They were such cute little birds. Thanks for letting us share the experience!

Wow, that was so fast! How sad that they leave their family so soon after being born. Another vote here for Deb's webcam idea :)


Is this just practive until the girls go off to college?? I wish our eggs would hatch already. How long does it take?

They grow up too fast! I feel the same way about my nephews, but these babies were like lightning.

I've really enjoyed this series and hope there's an encore!

Barb Cabot:

Kim this was such an exciting post...I felt like I was watching a baby take its' first steps! You were there and captured the most exciting moments of first flight. I love how you and your family have shared in this evolution of life. It felt fast, really fast watching them grow. I guess if you blink or turn away you do miss alot. That's a reminder to me about my own life. Want to be there, capturing and savoring what I can, observing all that is around me. Thank you so much for doing that for us with the little birdies. It was so sweet! It was amazing to see the birds full feathered and looking so "grown-up". I thought, Wow how'd that happen so fast? But then isn't that like it is with our kids (take note:Angie), one day they are taking their first step and then before you know it, "They're all grown up!"

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lisa, it takes about 2 weeks; I'm surprised yours haven't hatched. Are you sure?


I'm sure they haven't hatched. It hasn't been two weeks yet. It will be over the weekend.

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