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Sometimes They Come Back!

So, here we were yesterday, me at home, Becky and Sammi at school, feeling sad all day. I kept checking the nest, only to remember, our little babies were gone. Then we went for a walk, and got really upset when we saw a dead baby bird on the ground. There was a nest above us, and it didn't have its feathers yet; it must have been blown from the nest during Monday's storm.

Afterwards we came home, Beck and I were chillin' on the couch, watching TV when she let out a scream. The father and one of the babies were back! They were prancing around on our front lawn, the father, looking for worms, and the baby following close behind. Sometimes the father would feed the baby, and sometimes it looked like she was trying to find the worms herself. Becky grabbed her camera and took another couple dozen shots.


Sorry for the quality; she was afraid if she went outside, she would scare them off. So these are through one of our downstairs windows that has a screen on it. We'll be removing the screen this weekend though, in case we get another batch of eggs soon.


Can you make out the father feeding the baby in the above picture?

And then the little one got a bit brazen and went off on her own, so Becky got this shot.


We all feel a bit better today, knowing that at least one of them found the father and they're still being protected. We're going with the assumption that the other two are with the mom.

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You know you could make a children's book out of all of these photos. That is nice knowing that they are not abandoned by their parents at such a young age.

Yay! That baby is so cute; I'm glad they are still hanging around.

I saw a dead baby bird yesterday too. We've had some storms and high wind too and I wondered if he had been blown out of the nest even though I couldn't see one above.


How sweet!!

The pictures and the update on the robins just made my day! :-)


Yay! And you didn't even have to send them to college first!


Yay! And you didn't even have to send them to college first!


I agree with girasoli. What a great story and so cool that you captured it so intimately on film.

I'm so happy to read this entry - and see those photos! I couldn't believe that one day everyone's in the nest, still being fed by mom, and the next - gone.
Tell Becky thanks for her sharp eyes and great camera skills. :)

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